Die Brauerei Gold Ochsen setzt für ihren Erfolg auf pL-Store® von proLogistik

The Gold Ochsen brewery, an Ulm original, has reorganized its beverage logistics with the aim of increasing stock reliability, creating end-to-end transparency and ensuring batch tracking. Industry: Beverage trade The Gold Ochsen brewery Realized project Implementation of the warehouse management system pL-Store®, including proLogistik hardware:pro-V-pad terminals and voice-supported picking with Pick by Voice. Prepared for every challenge Demand for beverages naturally varies depending on the weather and season. Major sporting events, such as the soccer World Cup, also have an impact on the number of orders and picks processed each day. By implementing a modern and flexibly scalable warehouse management system, the traditional Ulm brewery is now able to react quickly to changes in ordering behavior. New IT-supported processes can also be set up more quickly. Result The warehouse management system has since proved its worth in the sometimes hectic day-to-day work at the Gold Ochsen brewery warehouse, where around 300 different items are permanently stocked and around 20 truck tours have to be processed every day. In addition, there are self-collectors, whose number averages 45 per day. Customer-specific WMS facts Beverage module for warehouse management and its industry-specific functions: “The overall concept developed and implemented meets our requirements for … Read more


As part of a pilot project, Fassbender-Tenten initially introduced the standard software pL-Store® Techline from proLogistik at three locations. This results in shorter order throughput times and improved delivery quality. Sector: Building materials wholesale About Fassbender-Tenten Challenge from the project Until the new warehouse management system pL-Store® from proLogistik went live, order picking was conventionally organized manually.“Document-based order processing not only involved a great deal of effort, but also proved to be increasingly error-prone and in need of repeated correction in view of the constantly growing range of products,” says Hans Peter Ostermann, Project Manager at Fassbender-Tenten. Requirements The main requirements were: In this overall context, the warehouse management system pL-Store® Techline, which is tailored to the requirements of the building materials trade, was convincing. The system can be easily connected to all common ERP applications. This solution addresses maximum stock reliability, significantly increased picking performance and improved delivery reliability, while at the same time meeting the requirements of dedicated quality checks during goods receipt. Everything from a single source – software + hardware Alongside the software, proLogistik supplied the required number of handheld devices for mobile data collection as well as powerful, compact industrial PCs. The 12.1-inch IPCs are … Read more

Grupo Bimbo optimiert ihre Lieferkette durch Digitalisierung mit LOGIS MOVE

Grupo Bimbo, the largest and leading baked goods manufacturer in the world, inaugurates CEDIS in Azcapotzalco Mexico City, the most modern distribution center in the baked goods industry, on December 3, 2020. LOGIS MOVE controls the entire supply chain and ensures more efficient processes in all warehouse areas. Industry: Food/bakery products About Grupo Bimbo Simpler and more efficient flow of goods Grupo Bimbo decides to realign its distribution logistics. It should become simpler and more efficient for all flows of goods. This includes raw materials, finished products and empty containers between the production plants, distribution and distribution centers and the customers in the market. Grupo Bimbo is implementing its realignment with the construction and commissioning of the new central, highly automated distribution center. Added value for Grupo Bimbo with LOGIS MOVE The primary added value for Grupo Bimbo lies in the centralization of all goods flows via a largely automated central high-performance warehouse. This enables Grupo Bimbo to massively increase its throughput rate and thus achieve a measurable increase in turnover.

Bei Hammer Advanced Logistics gelingt die Umsetzung von pL-Store®-WMS

At Hammer’s new logistics campus in Eschweiler, the multi-client-capable warehouse management system pL-Store® ensures fast, error-free and efficient omnichannel fulfillment. Industry: Logistics service provider About Hammer GmbH & Co KG The collaboration began in 2008 The collaboration began back in 2008 with the introduction of the standard software in Pullheim. As part of an ongoing adaptation and optimization process, the partners subsequently connected additional branches and digitalized processes, as well as continuously expanding the functional scope of the WMS, including applications for processing value-added services (VAS). The pL-Store® WMS has been in operation at the Logistics Campus Eschweiler since the fourth quarter of 2021. Advantages of the proLogistik Group software With its end-to-end digitalized processes, Hammer is able to implement its clients’ multi-channel concepts in the best possible way. This also means that peaks such as Black Friday or Cyber Week are handled without any worries. Furthermore, the WMS software is scalable and seamlessly supports Hammer’s further growth. Customer-specific WMS facts Hardware Facts Components: “Even growing and changing requirements can be flexibly implemented at any time thanks to the Warehouse Management System from proLogistik, whose range of functions fully covers 3PL specifics.” Tim Wilhelm, Hammer

Hieronimi profitiert von der digitalen Lagerverwaltung der proLogistik Group

To ensure that customers of P.W. Hieronimi moderner baubedarf GmbH can continue to rely on their building experience in the future, the Faid/Cochem-based building materials retailer has introduced the WMS pL-Store® Techline. Industry: Building materials wholesale About Hieronimi After celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2015, Hieronimi, a medium-sized company with more than 200 employees at seven locations, is now the largest building materials retailer between Koblenz and Trier. It is also a co-founder of the Allianz “Bauspargruppe”, which currently has a total of 47 branches throughout Germany. Highlights The standard software pL-Store® Techline supports all processes from goods receipt to batch management, online inventory management, chaotic and fixed storage location management, barcode control, paperless picking and freestyle picking for counter handling through to goods issue. At Hieronimi’s request, additional applications that are specifically relevant to the company have also been added. For example, it should be possible to record the license plate number for immediate or self-collectors. Everything from a single source – software + hardware A monitor was also installed to show customers their current order processing status in the waiting area. It also had to be ensured that loading aids used in goods issue were reported back to … Read more

Effiziente Lagerverwaltung bei HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH dank proLogistik

HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH has built a new production facility, including a connected logistics section, at the company’s central headquarters in Fröndenberg an der Ruhr. Sector: Industry About HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH Products made of wire – with the highest precision. This is a brief outline of the demands that HONSEL places on its own products. The portfolio ranges from simple cold-formed parts, such as rivets, nuts and bolts, to specially finished custom-made products and process-monitored systems for rivet automation. New building as an opportunity to restructure finished goods logistics In view of the constant growth in demand, HONSEL is constantly investing in capacity expansions at an operational level. A new production area with a direct conveyor connection has been created on 2,500 square meters of floor space. “We decided to introduce the goods-to-person process at intralogistics level in order to relieve our staff of long walking distances and search processes, while at the same time being able to operate more efficiently,” says Thomas Kleinert, Head of Operational Logistics. At the same time, the aim of the new system solution was to further increase the level of service for customers and overall quality. “As part of our digitalization strategy, it was also … Read more

Baustoffgroßhändler erkennt und nutzt die Potenziale der Digitalisierung

With the successive implementation of a new ERP system and industry-specific warehouse management software, Nowebau has put its business processes in Großefehn on a new, powerful and solid footing. Industry: Building materials wholesale About Zentrallager Nowebau GmbH & Co. KG Initial situation Until September 2017, intralogistics was controlled solely via the ERP software, which also includes a module for inventory management. “The disadvantage, however, was that printed route and pick lists were in circulation and special knowledge of the stocks and their storage locations was required,” reports Marco Emken, Managing Director of the Nowebau central warehouse. “This was exacerbated by the immense time pressure, which untrained employees in particular were barely able to cope with.” The question of whether the availability signaled by the ERP system was actually given in reality would also often have arisen in the context of customer support. (LVS) pL-Store® Techline with pre-programmed interface in ERP This software solution for warehouse and material flow control was specially designed for the building materials and sanitary industry as well as technical wholesalers and already covers their special requirements profile as standard.Since the go-live, all intralogistics processes have been controlled exclusively via pL-Store® Techline. The software communicates with the … Read more

Rullko optimiert Intralogistik durch individuelle Lagerverwaltung

Implementation of the warehouse management system pL-Store® Foodline including the use of proLogistik hardware. Industry: Food wholesale About Rullko Großeinkauf GmbH & Co KG Initial situation “At the beginning of 2017, we decided to introduce a warehouse management system in order to increase stock accuracy, reduce errors in order picking and goods receipt and shorten order throughput times,” explains Uwe Langerbeins, Head of IT, Organization, Controlling, Logistics, Accounting and Administration at Rullko Großeinkauf GmbH & Co. At the same time, those responsible hoped to further improve traceability by optimizing best-before and expiration date and batch management (best-before date / expiry date = remaining shelf life). Advantages of the proLogistik Group software Since commissioning the pL-Store warehouse management system, the food wholesaler has benefited not only from paperless picking but also from a wide range of industry-specific functions within the warehouse management system. These include: Rullko also uses a reporting tool implemented by proLogistik. The aim here is to identify further potential for improvement through systematic monitoring in order to continuously improve performance in all storage zones. Fit for current and future requirements Rullko Großeinkauf in Hamm now manages a total of around 14,000 parking spaces, spread across two warehouse locations, … Read more

Bio Partner Schweiz AG setzt auf WMS von proLogistik

The LOGIS MOVE WMS from Dataphone AG has been in use at Bio Partner Schweiz AG since 2013. After 7 years of close cooperation, the leading organic retailer has decided to continue the successful partnership and use the latest software architecture. Sector: Food retail (LEH) About Biopartner Schweiz AG The collaboration began in 2013 A modern, stable and reliable warehouse management system (WMS) such as LOGIS MOVE from Dataphone AG is needed to ensure that all customer segments receive fresh and punctual deliveries of over 10,000 items ranging from fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, pasta and beverages to natural cosmetics and raw materials for the processing industry. With the latest release of its WMS LOGIS MOVE, Bio Partner Schweiz AG has opted for sustainable and future-proof software of the latest generation. The LOGIS MOVE WMS is provided in the cloud This means that no separate infrastructure is required and the resources are freely scalable. In addition, the customer gains server reliability thanks to the new deployment in a professional cloud. Availability is correspondingly higher. Customer-specific WMS facts Hardware Facts Components: “With the latest release of its warehouse management system (WMS) LOGIS MOVE, Bio Partner Schweiz AG is relying … Read more

Neuer Standort von Craiss in Zusammenarbeit mit proLogistik

With the new branch in the east of the Czech Republic, Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG is following the guiding principle of growing in the area of contract logistics beyond the German-speaking region in Eastern Europe. Industry: Freight forwarders & logistics service providers About Albert Craiss GmbH & Co KG Expansion in Eastern Europe Since May 2019, Craiss has been operating a warehouse with a direct link to production for an existing customer in Mohelnice, Czech Republic. The plant specializes in the production of geared motors, which are used in conveyor belts, among other things. The contract logistics provider is responsible for the receipt of goods, order-related picking, replenishment of assembly and packaging activities for shipping. Digitization is essential A special feature of the implemented software solution for warehouse management is the production station-related release of orders. This means that all required components must be picked sequentially. Forklift trucks, vertical order pickers and tugger trains are used for this. The replenishment request is triggered by scanning the assembly station and simultaneously recorded in pL-Store®. At the same time, a transport is activated for the order to be picked, which is waiting at a station designed as a buffer corridor. … Read more

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