Fassbender-Tenten relies on digital solutions from the proLogistik Group

As part of a pilot project, Fassbender-Tenten initially introduced the standard software pL-Store® Techline from proLogistik at three locations. This results in shorter order throughput times and improved delivery quality.

Sector: Building materials wholesale

About Fassbender-Tenten

  • Largest building materials retailer in the Bonn-Düsseldorf-Cologne-Königswinter-Eifel region
  • 12 branches
  • Headquarters in Bonn
  • 59,000 parts
  • 8,719 parts actively held in inventory
  • Branded products for new builds and renovations, gardens, paving, interior fittings and tools u. and much more.

Challenge from the project

Until the new warehouse management system pL-Store® from proLogistik went live, order picking was conventionally organized manually.
“Document-based order processing not only involved a great deal of effort, but also proved to be increasingly error-prone and in need of repeated correction in view of the constantly growing range of products,” says Hans Peter Ostermann, Project Manager at Fassbender-Tenten.


The main requirements were:

  • Calculable costs for the care and maintenance of the system
  • Permanent inventory

In this overall context, the warehouse management system pL-Store® Techline, which is tailored to the requirements of the building materials trade, was convincing. The system can be easily connected to all common ERP applications. This solution addresses maximum stock reliability, significantly increased picking performance and improved delivery reliability, while at the same time meeting the requirements of dedicated quality checks during goods receipt.

Everything from a single source – software + hardware

Alongside the software, proLogistik supplied the required number of handheld devices for mobile data collection as well as powerful, compact industrial PCs. The 12.1-inch IPCs are used on trolleys in the incoming goods area. They are characterized by impact-resistant plastic housings and an extremely stable, hardened and wear-free (capacitive) touch surface. Complemented by laminated safety glass, the functional reliability of the appliances is guaranteed over a long period of time, even under harsh and sometimes hectic working conditions.

“There is inventory transparency and there is no longer any need for manual or duplicate entry, which has reduced order throughput times. As a result, we have seen an improved level of service for our customers within logistics.”

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