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For the warehouse management software pLG Store

In order for labels to be used efficiently in the warehouse and to develop their optimum benefit, coherent label logistics are required. Our PID labels are specially designed for use with pLG Store warehouse management software.

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If you are using warehouse management software from proLogistik, our PID labels offer you the best possible complement. The abbreviation PID stands for pallet identification number. The number consists of 10 digits and is responsible for the allocation of the articles for the LVS. Furthermore, these labels can also find their application in other areas of use, as they are consecutively numbered labels. Simply discuss your application with us.

Bildschirm zum Drucken von PID-Etiketten


PID labels
Areas of applicationMarking of pallets, packages and other packages
Formats95 x 40 mm
150 x 100 mm double
180 x 70 mm double
75 x 58 mm
100 x 59 mm
210 x 48 mm double
100 x 200 mm
100 x 150 mm
100 x 48 mm
Other formats on request
MaterialsPolyethylene, PVC, polyester, polysterol, Tyvek, deep-freeze paper up to -40 °C
ColorsFor sufficient contrast between background and bars, the following color combinations are possible: Background colors: White / Yellow / Orange / Green / Light blue Bar colors: Black / Blue / Green / Cyan / Brown
MountingAdhesive (removable, permanent or strongly adhesive), stapler
Print typeDigital or thermal transfer printing
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