Hieronimi scores with digitalized warehouse management from proLogistik Group

To ensure that customers of P.W. Hieronimi moderner baubedarf GmbH can continue to rely on their building experience in the future, the building materials dealer headquartered in Faid/Cochem has introduced the WMS pL-Store® Techline.

Industry: Wholesale of building materials

About Hieronimi

Having already celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015, Hieronimi, a medium-sized company with more than 200 employees at seven locations, is now considered the largest building materials dealer between Koblenz and Trier. It is also a co-founder of Allianz “Bauspargruppe”, which currently has a total of 47 branches throughout Germany.


The standard software pL-Store® Techline supports all processes from goods receipt to batch management, online inventory management, chaotic and fixed storage location management, barcode control, paperless picking as well as freestyle picking in counter handling and goods issue. At Hieronimi’s request, additional applications were added that are specifically relevant to the company. For example, it should be possible to record the vehicle registration number for immediate or self-collectors.

Everything from a single source – software + hardware

In addition, a monitor was installed to show customers in the waiting area their current order processing status. Furthermore, it had to be ensured that loading equipment (LHM) used in goods issue was reported back to the ERP system for calculation purposes. Also shown are a paint mixing plant, since mixed paint is not an inventory item, and a concrete mixing plant, which required a separate replenishment process for bulk materials.

Other stores follow

Following the introduction of the new WMS solution in Mülheim and, since December 2018, also in Wittlich, employees have been using both mobile data capture devices and industrial PCs (IPC). The Daun branch was the third location to follow in July 2019. One of these IPCs is used on a trolley in the goods receiving area. Another device, somewhat smaller at 10.4 inches, is carried as an on-board computer on a forklift truck. Typical for these compactly designed “assistants” are a wear-free, capacitive touch surface as well as a plastic housing resistant to aggressive influences, which even (impact) shocks cannot harm. Special laminated safety glass further increases the service life of the equipment many times over.

“We chose pL-Store® Techline because it is an application that specifically covers the needs of the building materials industry. “Julia Falkenburg, Project Manager at Hieronimi

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