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Sustainability and social commitment

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Sustainability and social commitment –

Sustainability has many sides – and they don’t just relate to the environment. Because if you look closely, the definition of sustainability includes both the careful use of resources and social justice. And that is why the proLogistik Group is also fully committed to these two areas.

Sustainability is our priority

The proLogistik Group

We think so: As a company, we bear responsibility. To customers. To the employees. And to the environment. That is why, for us, long-term success is only possible if it goes hand in hand with ecological and social aspects.

For this reason, we have defined sustainability topics for the proLogistik Group, which we orient ourselves to – and which we continue to optimize.

The sustainability topics of the proLogistik Group

In use in many areas
Environmental and climate protection
  • Emissions
  • Energy consumption, renewable energies
  • Waste and recycling
  • Materials used
  • Water and waste water
Business Ethics
  • Human Rights
  • Compliance, anti-corruption and bribery
  • Data protection and IT security
  • Customer satisfaction and product responsibility
Social responsibility
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Occupational safety and health protection
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Employee promotion and development
  • Social responsibility

The sustainability campaigns of proLogistik

With full commitment

The topic of sustainability is very important to us. This means that we are already particularly committed in many areas – and are constantly optimizing in many other areas to meet the demands we place on ourselves.

Unterstützung der E-Mobilität

Fleet with electric and hybrid cars

Our employees get from A to B cleanly. Our entire fleet consists exclusively of e-cars and hybrid vehicles – this has enabled us to greatly reduce the CO₂ emissions of our fleet.

55 charging stations

We welcome all drivers who drive an electric or hybrid vehicle – whether they work for us or visit us as a customer. That’s why we have installed a total of 55 charging stations at our locations in Dortmund and Pinneberg, where you can recharge your battery free of charge.

Unterstützung des Aufbaus von nachhaltigen Ladestationen

E-bike leasing

With our e-bike leasing, we support all our employees who like to get to work on two wheels. Because it’s good for the environment and for your health: you keep fit already on the way to work and after work your tired legs are activated again. And – the bicycles may of course be used in your free time.

Nachhaltiges Trinkwasser

BestWater filtration system for drinking water

The name says it all: Thanks to the BestWater filter systems, we offer our employees the best and purest drinking water. Thanks to a sophisticated reverse osmosis, pure water flows directly from the tap and we thus make an active contribution to environmental protection. The low hardness of the water produced with BestWater means that less cleaning agent is used, we can dispense with water softeners, produce less PET bottle waste and reduce the volume of transport for mineral water.


Protecting the environment is in our hands – and in this case, literally. Because we only use sustainable cell phones that are equipped with particularly long-lasting batteries. And when they weaken, they are repaired and not directly bought new.

Nachhaltige Benutzung des Fairphones

Green roof

The green roof above our warehouse entrance provides an important habitat for plants and many creatures such as bees and wild bees, beetles, butterflies and ants.

It also has a positive effect on the indoor climate of the rooms below. In summer, evaporation from the plants provides cooling. And in winter, the green roof serves as thermal insulation and helps save energy costs and protect the environment.

Photovoltaic system

With our photovoltaic system, we are making an important contribution to climate protection by not only conserving existing resources but also reducing our CO₂ emissions.

Social commitment


As a successful company, it has been a matter of course for us for years to support not only our employees. We also assume social responsibility by regularly (and above all gladly) getting involved in social projects. For example, for the:

Construction Guild Heilbronn

The work of the construction guild is very diverse. In addition to numerous projects in the area of helping the homeless, the Aufbaugilde offers a second-hand department store, help with household liquidations, a wide range of “round-the-house” services, vocational training in various professions and, at the Susanne Finkbeiner School, the opportunity to obtain a school-leaving certificate that enables people to find their way into or back into the world of work.

The charitable work and the certainty that the donation reaches where it is needed makes the Aufbaugilde Heilbronn a fantastic project that we are happy to support with an annual donation.

Soziales und nachhaltiges Engagement für eine bessere Zukunft dank proLogistic
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