Real-time management of orders, vehicles & drivers

PLG Telematics

Transparency & efficiency thanks to real-time data

Digital transport processes

Real-time information on the road not only saves you time, but also gives you a complete overview of your transports.

Whether digital order management including automated status messages with delivery photos and/or digital signatures, tracking and route monitoring, loading equipment management or continuously updated ETA information: Our intuitive telematics workflows can be fully tailored to your individual requirements. More than 40 software modules create maximum transparency and reliable documentation options for you.

To enable you to maximize automation and thus save a lot of time, we merge your processes into an overall digital process, via which all necessary information can be exchanged with your ERP or TMS solution via an interface.

  • Over 25 years of cross-industry expertise in the digitalization of transport processes
  • Comprehensive order management with detailed real-time status reports
  • Intuitive user guidance with user-defined dialogues – fully customizable
  • Cost-effective: 95 % of the features without programming effort
  • 90 % less communication effort between dispatch & vehicle


  • Digital order management with real-time status messages, digital proofs
  • Track and Trace: Positions of orders, vehicles, trailers and swap bodies
  • Fully customizable workflows
  • Pallets & Co: Management of loading equipment and loading units
  • Android scan
  • Proactive ETA information
  • Configurable geofencing
  • Document Management
  • Departure check with driving license test
  • Cross-consignment loading
  • Comprehensive vehicle and telemetry data recording and archiving incl. Tachograph data
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Telematics solution: an overview of the entire transport process

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With the sophisticated telematics solution, our customers from all sectors receive live information on transport orders. For example, you receive a reliable overview of the current status of orders, vehicles, trailers and swap bodies, arrival times (ETA) and adherence to time windows. This means that our customers can provide information to their customers at any time.

Choose from over 40 individually configurable features integrated into the telematics system for your company. We will then provide you with the right set of application options according to your requirements, including of cooperations – without complex interface implementation to ERP systems.

Scan workflows: Individual down to package/colli level

Precisely map your scanning processes incl. automatic collective delivery in digital order management in the telematics app on the end devices. Barcode scanning, delivery scanning or loading and unloading scanning are fully customizable. For example, you can freely define status messages such as “collected”, “damaged” or “delivered”.

Highlights from over 40 integrated telematics functions:

  • GPS tracking, goods location and goods tracking
  • Digital order management (incl. guided task workflows and driving and rest times)
  • Disposition for subcontractors
  • Loading equipment management incl. Actual-target comparison
  • Departure control for vehicles, containers & loading units
  • Container, swap body & loading unit management
  • Driver registration / driving test
  • Order-managed telephony
  • Digital signature & photography
  • Document scanning and management (e.g. proof of delivery)
  • Extensive reporting
  • Website whitelist on the terminal

Telemetry with vehicle data and tachograph data:

  • Vehicle data evaluation via CAN or FMS
  • Consumption control
  • Temperature data
  • Evaluation of driving behavior including grading system
  • Remote speedometer download and archiving in accordance with legal requirements
  • Monitoring of driving and rest times of drivers
  • Event overview and notification of violations including instructions in 18 languages
  • Management of vehicle maintenance intervals
  • Automatic linking status between order and trailer (trailer ID and location)

Positions of orders, vehicles, trailers and swap bodies


You always have an overview of the positions of orders, vehicles, trailers and swap bodies (Track&Trace and GPS tracking). In addition, with the help of geofencing, you receive information when you arrive or leave previously defined areas.

Over 25 years of cross-industry expertise in the digitalization of transport processes


For more than 25 years, we have been analyzing and digitalizing transport processes, advising customers and maintaining customer relationships, in some cases for decades. Our telematics software currently processes an average of 150,000 orders per day across Europe – whether in long-distance transport, local transport, with CEP service providers or from any other company that carries out transportation.

Comprehensive order management with detailed real-time status messages

Real time

Our workflows have been developed in close cooperation with customers. They are continuously improved and adapted to new requirements. New modules and functions can be integrated at any time.

Cost-effective: 95% of telematics features without programming effort

Save costs

Over 40 telematics features such as scheduling for subcontractors or shift break logics are available and can be configured quickly and precisely for your requirements.

Intuitive user guidance with user-defined dialogues – fully customizable

Easy to use

Whether it’s a drop-off photo, customer signature or detailed instructions for collection: every step in digital order management can be individually tailored to customer requirements. Dialogs in around 20 languages guide the driver step by step through the daily business.

90 % less communication effort between dispatch & vehicle

Language of your choice

Drivers or vehicles and dispatchers can communicate quickly and easily in the telematics system via text modules or free text messages and send images. The telematics app offers a comprehensive language selection for this purpose.

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