Planning and coordination
on the farm with a view

pLG Yard management

Planning and coordination on the farm with foresight

Efficient farm management

Yard management integrated into the telematics system links order and swap body management with arrival and yard monitoring. This allows you to easily and efficiently ensure optimum access to the yard and equalize the peak times at your ramp. The proLogistik Group’s yard management system provides access to all available information required for yard management, planning and process control.

  • 50 % higher door utilization
  • 90 % less downtime for drivers when they return to the yard
  • Reduced scheduling and fewer phone calls
  • Involvement of subcontractors and third-party vehicles
  • A central order list for all parties involved – including the yard service

Precise control thanks to a wide range of functions

With the components of pLG Yard Management, the arrival, yard and gate monitor, yard vehicles and weasels as well as returning loading units can be monitored and assigned at the touch of a button.

Arrival monitor

  • Overview of the units in the inflow
  • Tour display: last customer and remaining kilometers
  • Automatic display of the planned arrival time (ETA) at the farm
  • Recording the load and collector per unit
  • Registration of third-party vehicles (ETA and units)
  • Position display of own and third-party vehicles on the map
  • View of the gate assignment per unit including coloring with traffic light symbols

Court monitor

  • Graphic representation of the farm
  • Overview of all units on the farm
  • Allocation of gates and waiting areas (information for drivers via telematics app)
  • Arrival of units (geofencing)
  • Coloring the gates and data according to the traffic light system
  • Recording of units and additional information at the gate
  • Hoffahrer app in over 40 languages for paperless working
  • Departure control for loading units
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More details about the pLG Yardmangement

With the proLogistik Group’s yard management system, the dispatcher can see at a glance how many vehicles and units are currently in the yard and at the ramps and can control the inflow to the yard. This significantly eases the busy times on the farm. Waiting times for loading and unloading are reduced and third-party vehicles can also be easily integrated into the yard management system.

Drivers receive their transport orders via the telematics app and report back at the touch of a button which loading unit they have picked up or on which loading unit they have loaded the collection.

It is always possible to see which units are stocked with which customer orders and where they are currently located. If a driver drives back to the terminal, he reports this to the system using the home button. Telematics continuously calculates the expected time of return. Delays are reported to the scheduling department immediately. The system uses geofence to record vehicles and thus loading units that have reached the area previously defined by the customer. The system also offers many other features such as evaluations and dashboards.

Optimum utilization of gates in the yard

50 % higher door utilization

As the scheduling department knows the expected time of return, it can control the inflow and allocate the free, suitable gates to the respective drivers as soon as they arrive.

Avoid truck loading times in the yard

90 % less downtime for drivers when returning to the yard

Drivers receive a gate assignment via app shortly before arriving at the yard and know in good time which gate they should approach. This virtually eliminates waiting times for loading and unloading and avoids congestion in the yard.

Fewer phone calls, more productivity

Reduced scheduling and fewer phone calls

Communication between drivers and dispatchers mainly takes place via app and text messages. Over 40 languages are available in the pLG yard management feature, making phone calls almost unnecessary and language barriers virtually irrelevant.

Also for subcontractors and third-party vehicles

Involvement of subcontractors and third-party vehicles 

Many forwarding companies work with (permanent) subcontractors. These third-party vehicles can be easily integrated into the pLG yard management system and controlled in the same way as your own vehicles in the yard. In addition, other vehicles that are in the inflow can be connected via interfaces or added manually, so that the organization is also significantly simplified with external companies.

Centrally organized: One to-do list for everyone

A central task list for all those involved, including court services 

Yard management not only takes into account vehicles, but also the loading units on them and information on orders. The software splits the vehicles and loading units for vehicles in the inflow and prepares this information for upcoming tasks such as loading and unloading or moving swap bodies etc. in a task list. This task list is available to everyone involved in the farm. Yard vehicles such as Wiesel are efficiently coordinated in this way.

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