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Transport management for all market participants 

Our workflow and process-oriented logistics software
Container logistics
Port & customs declaration
Planning the modes of transport
Incoming goods
Dock & yard management
Yard management
Outgoing goods
Tour planning
Route optimization
Driver app
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B2B branches
B2B branches

pLG Transport Management System

Product solution for smooth transportation

The pLG TMS controls the entire transportation process from the first to the last mile. Our software supports all necessary transport functions from order management, transport planning and scheduling to transport processing, invoicing and credit note creation

Our solution manages external service providers and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Together with the pLG BI tool, you can make intelligent, data-based decisions.

Reduce your costs with the proLogistik Group’s transport management system through the use of AI, reduce CO₂ and create transparency across the entire process.

Product highlights:

  • Automated order entry & order fulfillment
  • Transparent processes: ETA, Track & Trace
  • Paperless processes: Archiving & digital consignment note

All advantages at a glance

  • Resource management of vehicles, personnel and equipment
  • Disposition of external service providers
  • AI-based route planning
  • Management of regular and framework tours
  • Consolidation of all incoming transport orders
  • E-CMR on a blockchain basis
  • Automatic and manual freight inspection
  • Transparency through real-time data
  • Configuration of billing models and creation of credit notes
  • Integration pLG Product Suite
  • Web portal for exchanging information with customers and logistics service providers
  • Support in complying with regulations and laws

pLG Innovations

Innovative technologies
IT solutions based on blockchain

Our blockchain-based eCMR solution has established itself on the market and is widely used. The data required for the blockchain is stored centrally and neutrally in the public Ethereum Classic blockchain.

BI at the top level

Our solution manages external service providers and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Together with the integrated pLG Business Intelligence tool, you can make intelligent, data-based decisions.

AI in route planning

pLG route planning with integrated route optimization supports you with AI-based planning of all delivery and collection routes – for optimal utilization of your fleet with minimal transport costs and drastically reducedCO2 emissions.

The right solution for every requirement  

We are transportation experts

From partial loads and warehouse logistics to industry logistics for food and hazardous materials – with pLG TMS you have all your transport processes under control.

Smooth transportation with our products

Overcoming challenges
Political framework conditions

Compliance with legal regulations is mandatory for every company. Our modern, automated transportation management system helps you to effectively track and comply with all necessary regulatory requirements.

Supply chains under pressure

The elimination of manual work steps not only saves time, but also avoids errors and superfluous data. Extensive automation of transport management is necessary to ensure optimal and scalable processes. With process automation and digitalization, you can achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Lack of automation

Functioning supply chains are essential in complex industrial supply structures. High demands on price, quality and sustainability must be met. Next-day or same-day delivery options are standard. A high degree of automation is necessary in order to meet tight delivery windows and the guaranteed service level.

Supply Chain Excellence

Our logistics solutions comprise high-performance standard software with a strong core that can be expanded and scaled to meet specific customer requirements. We offer you the flexibility you need to grow quickly and strategically realign your processes – without any compromises.

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