Grupo Bimbo digitizes its supply chain with LOGIS MOVE

Grupo Bimbo, the largest and leading baked goods manufacturer in the world, inaugurates CEDIS in Azcapotzalco Mexico City, the most modern distribution center in the baked goods industry, on December 3, 2020. LOGIS MOVE controls the entire supply chain and ensures more efficient processes in all warehouse areas.

Industry: Food/bakery products

About Grupo Bimbo

  • Service network in over 33 countries
  • 58,000 routes
  • 13,000 products & 100 brands
  • 196 Bakeries
  • 3 million points of sale
  • 2 storeys, 129 m (L) x 76 m (W) x 43 m (H)
  • High-bay warehouse with 24,576 pallets
  • “Autopicking”: approx. 300,000 containers/day
  • Incoming goods: 7,000 pallets/day
  • Outgoing goods: 8,000 pallets/day

Simpler and more efficient flow of goods

Grupo Bimbo decides to realign its distribution logistics. It should become simpler and more efficient for all flows of goods. This includes raw materials, finished products and empty containers between the production plants, distribution and distribution centers and the customers in the market. Grupo Bimbo is implementing its realignment with the construction and commissioning of the new central, highly automated distribution center.

Added value for Grupo Bimbo with LOGIS MOVE

  • Centralization of all goods flows and thus a massively increased throughput rate and measurable increase in sales
  • Full transparency and traceability of warehouse processes thanks to clear KPI dashboards
  • Visualization of all warehouse structures, inventory and resource management, goods flow optimization and order control across all logistics processes
  • Integration of both goods-to-man and man-to-goods systems
  • Significant reduction in errors thanks to the switch from fully manual to automated order processing
  • Data analyses and statistics that support the optimization of processes
  • Optimal deployment planning of personnel resources thanks to visualization of the short-term availability of employees
  • Significant reduction in administrative workload thanks to centralized order processing and improved coordination between distribution warehouse, distribution centers and branches
  • Optimization of unloading and loading processes through the integration of yard management
  • Smartphones as powerful working devices (MDEs) for scanning products in warehouses
  • LOGIS MOVE controls Grupo Bimbo’s entire supply chain and ensures maximum transparency in the warehouse and picking processes
  • Direct delivery to around 100 distribution centers and several major customers in the extended urban area

The primary added value for Grupo Bimbo lies in the centralization of all goods flows via a largely automated central high-performance warehouse. This enables Grupo Bimbo to massively increase its throughput rate and thus achieve a measurable increase in turnover.

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