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pLG Notification

Highly automated & simple for more transparency

Revolutionary notification processes

The web-based notification platform automates all communication about delivery dates, notifications, delays and returns conveniently and intuitively via SMS, email or voice AI.

From the start of the shipment to confirmation of the appointment by the customer, the highly customizable workflow creates complete transparency – for you and your customers. The integrated Track & Trace incl. Online shipment tracking and seamless communication with the TMS via web services round off the notification solution.

  • AI-based communication
  • In all languages
  • For all notification processes
  • Continuously updated
  • Browser-based and TMS-independent


  • Automates the notification process
  • Informed by SMS, e-mail or voice AI
  • Live tracking of deliveries and returns
  • Automated Im and Export of the data
  • Smooth exchange with transport management system
Shipments per month Europe-wide
Years of logistics experience

Intelligent notification processes at a glance

Discover a pioneering solution for automated notification processes with pLG Notisierung! Our workflow relies on effective communication tools such as AI-supported voice calls, SMS or email to optimize the planning and execution of deliveries or delivery and collection.

By making phone calls between drivers, customers and dispatchers virtually unnecessary, you save a lot of time. Delivery dates agreed in advance and updated on an ongoing basis also ensure improved delivery rates. If recipients do not respond to notification messages, you can manually intervene in the process at any time – and benefit from many useful tools, such as resubmission management.

Effortlessly create templates without programming effort

Create customized customer messages in minutes without writing a single line of code. The Template Builder makes it easy to put together landing pages, e-mail and SMS templates with text modules for your notification messages to customers. Use our standard templates or design your own templates according to your needs

When can a shipment be delivered?

Different time slots for your deliveries or collections can be defined for each customer. The system automatically informs your employees as soon as capacity limits are reached and before time slots are fully booked.

Automatic sender notification

If no contact information is available for a shipment, the portal can automatically contact the shipper, partner or client by e-mail. They will receive a link to the shipment and can add the contact information.

The delivery process firmly in view

By integrating telematics providers, we enable live tracking of delivery vehicles directly on the avis website. For data protection reasons, we ensure that recipients only have access to the vehicle’s route within a defined period of time.

Highly customizable processes

You have the option of triggering notifications as “status updates” for each step in the notification process. Define the situations in which a message is to be transmitted to your ERP, merchandise management or transport management system according to your requirements.

Dashboard for transparency

Use the individually configurable dashboard to get an overview: Track success rates, e.g. of automated voice calls, check the data quality of mailings and find out when recipients respond particularly frequently. It is also possible to see for which date announcements no confirmation has yet been received – it may be necessary to follow up here.

Additional services: Maximum customer satisfaction through personalized offers

Do your recipients have special requirements for your service? Offer the recipient additional services on the notification portal: for example, for drop-off authorizations or calls immediately before delivery. You also have the option of offering online payment services for additional services.

Put together your own individual notification solution and set new standards for logistics notification – efficient, flexible and customer-oriented. We would be happy to advise you!

Communication without hurdles

Introducing: Luisa and Luis, the voices of our intelligent voice assistant! Whether mobile or by landline call, Luis(a) automatically arranges delivery dates with your customers over the phone and can respond to a wide variety of scenarios. This is made possible by AI-based software.

You can either use our standard dialog or put together your own individual dialog. Luis(a) speaks all the relevant languages of the world. You can select your favorite language profile for each language and make many other individual settings.

The dashboard enables a detailed evaluation of the success rates of Luis(a).

All languages

Whether automated chat, e-mail or pop-up notification: all notification information can be exchanged in all languages. This eliminates language barriers, appointments can be made without language misunderstandings and the delivery rate increases.

All notification processes

More relaxed on the last mile: all appointments for deliveries or pick-ups for returns are made automatically. The progress of shipments can be monitored online via live tracking – notification calls are handled by the voice AI.

Continuously updated 

We integrate all processes from route planning and telematics to notification in a seamless overall process. For example, by continuously incorporating live data from telematics or historical traffic data from route planning into all calculations, we achieve even more precise notification for you.

Always and everywhere informed 

Whether via cell phone or desktop in the office: users of the notification solution receive the required information on the notification status at any time via a web browser and regardless of the operating system used (Windows, Android, OS, etc.).

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