Mit Retrofit zu einer modernen Lagerlogistik

The ongoing dynamic of change is also challenging intralogistics. Flexible, agile and efficient processes are a “must-have” in order to meet these challenges in the long term. However, making costly investments is sometimes not an option. Alternatively, a retrofit can achieve great things. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) play a decisive role here. Change has always been a constant. However, the pace has picked up in light of the pandemic and the change in demand behavior. It has also become apparent that systems and processes that have proven themselves over a long period of time are reaching their limits and are showing signs of chronic exhaustion in a figurative sense. Developments in online retail are also contributing to this. While e-commerce has been established as the “new normal” in the B2C sector for years, but has received a further boost due to coronavirus, this sales channel is also increasingly shaping B2B business. Intralogistics must also meet the associated requirements. However, if this is only partially successful, it is not necessarily a question of the existing system or the existing storage system. Rather, the required target status in terms of performance can be achieved with comparatively little effort through a retrofit at … Read more

Effiziente Lagerverwaltung bei HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH dank proLogistik

HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH has built a new production facility, including a connected logistics section, at the company’s central headquarters in Fröndenberg an der Ruhr. This is where the finished products are temporarily stored and prepared for dispatch on an order-related basis. The synchronized communication and interaction between the ERP and warehouse management software (WMS) ensures inventory and process reliability in daily operations. At the same time, by implementing the goods-to-person principle, it was possible to achieve a high picking performance with a reduced workload. Products made of wire – with the highest precision. This is achieved by cold forming, a production process that the traditional Fröndenberg-based company has continuously refined over its more than 90-year history. The HONSEL Group currently has around 300 employees worldwide. They are all united by the goal of maintaining the defined quality standards at the highest level. New building as an opportunity to restructure finished goods logistics. In view of the constant growth in demand, HONSEL is constantly investing in capacity expansions at an operational level. The latest coup is the so-called “Plant 3”, which was built at the headquarters in Fröndenberg/Ruhr and went into operation at the beginning of 2019. “We decided to introduce … Read more

MP Logistik setzt auf proLogistik's pL-Store® WMS am neuen Emsbüren-Standort

MP Logistik Rheine is investing in a new branch in Emsbüren to meet the growing demand for storage capacity and increasingly sophisticated services. The new building will be completed within a very short space of time, as will the implementation of pL-Store®, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) from proLogistik. As a 3PL provider, MP Logistik specializes in warehousing services, especially in the heavy and large load sector, express logistics, part and full loads as well as sea and air freight and offers full services from a single source. Integrated into a strong partner network, MP Logistik connects its clients’ goods with the rest of the world quickly and reliably around the clock. This company had to offer warehouse management software that was both perfectly suited to the specific requirements of a logistics service provider and at the same time standardized, as well as having the necessary flexibility and manpower for rapid implementation. “With a high-performance warehouse management system, we will be able to meet the associated challenges in the future.”

Das Unternehmen Bünting als Neukunde

proLogistik continues to grow in the food retail sector. After a long selection process, the trading company J. Bünting Beteiligungs AG finally chose proLogistik as its new partner for the implementation of a new warehouse management system. With the industry solution pL-Store Foodline, proLogistik is replacing an existing warehouse management system and will also replace the hardware used in warehouse logistics. “We are very pleased that we were able to convince the Bünting Group with our complete package for intralogistics,” says Jörg Sänger, Managing Director at proLogistik GmbH + Co KG. ProLogistik will replace the software used at the three warehouse locations in Nortmoor, Wallenhorst and Salzkotten. “The expertise of the individual employees and the many years of industry know-how convinced us to choose proLogistik as our new solution partner for our system-side realignment of warehouse logistics,” emphasizes Helge-Christian Eilers, Managing Director of Bünting SCM / Logistik GmbH & Co.

Auch das Unternehmen Hartmann setzt auf proLogistik

The 3PL provider Hartmann International is building another logistics property on the site of the Paderborn Logistics Park. The new 20,000 m² building meets the latest sustainability standards and will be connected to the existing transshipment hall. In future, the processes upstream of goods distribution at both locations will be controlled by the WMS pL-Store® from proLogistik. In Paderborn, Hartmann International is responsible for handling logistics services for a growing number of clients from sectors such as food, industrial, healthcare and consumer as well as for start-ups. Various storage techniques such as narrow and wide aisle racking are currently used for stocking. Due to the recent massive disruptions in global supply chains, European companies are increasingly opting to stock goods close to their own production sites, which is leading to further demand for logistics space. We will strengthen this commitment even further with the new location. The standardized Warehouse Management System from proLogistik, with its comprehensive range of functions, will provide valuable assistance, as optimized processes will not only speed up order processing overall and make it more efficient.

Moderne digitale Lagerverwaltungssoftware von proLogistik optimiert Baustoff Union

BAUSTOFF UNION NÜRNBERG relied on the expertise of proLogistik for the introduction of a warehouse management system (WMS). The implemented industry solution pL-Store® Techline from the intralogistics system house is part of a self-imposed digital agenda that the building materials retailer is implementing step by step. For logistics processing, this primarily means: increased stock reliability, reduced susceptibility to errors, end-to-end transparency and improved monitoring. At the same time, it is now much easier to instruct employees. With the final commissioning of the warehouse management system (WMS) pL-Store® Techline in 2019, BAUSTOFF UNION NÜRNBERG has practically fulfilled a wish for its milestone birthday and 50th anniversary. Like OBI-Baumärkte Franken and Regnitztal, the company is part of BU-Holding, which has already won the “Bavaria’s Best 50” award twice. The product range of this sales partner to the building materials industry comprises more than 25,000 products that are used in building construction, shell construction and new builds, civil engineering and gardening and landscaping. Digital agenda shows the way Outside of regular opening hours, customers of the building materials retailer can access a web store where more than 200,000 items can be ordered around the clock. This was set up by the BU holding … Read more

Mitarbeiter scannt Pakete

What makes my company more resilient to unforeseeable events such as pandemics and political confrontations? How can I keep a better eye on stocks and processes? You are probably asking yourself these and other questions and looking for solutions Modern warehouse management is not a panacea in the figurative sense. However, the use of warehouse management software is a major step towards achieving the ideal of future-proof warehouse management. What challenges are you facing? Even before the pandemic and the current global economic turmoil, many companies were already facing enormous challenges. Increasing globalization and fluctuations in demand must be balanced out, and the growing number of variants as well as production and logistics processes must be networked. This makes it all the more important to keep a complete overview of stocks With standardized warehouse management software that is perfectly tailored to your requirements, you minimize risks and benefit from optimized processes. You create end-to-end transparency, prevent overstocking and understocking thanks to online booking, always have an overview of the material flow and can plan your supply chain with foresight. At the same time, you relieve your employees of time-consuming walking routes and search processes, and paperless working minimizes errors. First … Read more

Effiziente Lagerverwaltung mit

There are many good reasons for optimal intralogistics. Find out here how the switch to a digitally managed warehouse works smoothly and how we can support you. How does the planning of digital intralogistics work? If you are considering this from your company’s individual perspective, it is advisable to answer a few key questions in advance: The results of the survey are initially incorporated into a specification sheet in more detail. You can make the circle of potential providers clearer or minimize it in advance, for example, by favoring only standard software and developers with a broad range of experience who can support you with their know-how in further planning. Tried-and-tested user interfaces and references as proof of widespread use are also indicators of guaranteed (software) quality. What are the opportunities and risks? The potential risks are offset by a wide range of benefits. It becomes problematic, for example, if the selected warehouse management system (WMS) turns out not to be tailor-made after implementation. After all, the WMS should adapt to your requirements and not your company to the installed software. Involving the workforce in processes If the targets defined and promised by the provider are not achieved, efficiency suffers … Read more

Erfolgsgeschichte der Lagerverwaltungssoftware bei Logis Move

From paperwork to digital intralogistics in just six months Sideshore AG is a young, dynamic company in Wolfhausen (Canton of Zurich) that has been operating successfully in the sports wholesale business since 2006. As an exclusive Swiss importer and retailer, Sideshore sells trendy sports equipment and clothing from numerous manufacturers and brands. At the Wolfhausen site, around 14 employees store up to 10,000 different items and process an average of 40 to 50 customer orders per day. A look back at the time without digital warehouse management Since the company was founded, the company and the range of products have grown considerably. Before digitization with the LOGIS MOVE warehouse management software, the warehouse was spread over two parts of the building, each with two levels, where the ordered items were picked according to customer specifications. This meant that employees had to travel long distances and were only supported to a limited extent by the ERP system. This led to inefficiencies and errors within the logistics processes, as no warehouse management software or MDE devices were in use at the time. Criteria that were important to Sideshore AG for the commissioning of digital intralogistics – including consideration of the strategic goals … Read more

Glückliche Mitarbeiterin dank optimierter Prozesse

Every kilowatt hour counts. Reducing electricity consumption as permanently as possible is not only a key to achieving the ambitious goals of the energy transition. Even in times of rising costs due to energy shortages and galloping inflation, it is important to save wherever possible! Our latest blog article shows why digitalization is THE solution and how you can use a warehouse management system (WMS) to directly influence the ecological footprint and operating costs of your warehouse. Do you know chess? The associated tactical requirement is to gradually put the opponent under pressure with strategically well-considered moves and ultimately bring them to their knees. In the context of the energy crisis, the chosen comparison is perhaps a little bold, but not entirely far-fetched. This is because a modern WMS provides you with numerous options for permanently monitoring and controlling warehouse parameters and components, as well as allocating resources in a sensible manner according to targets. Identify and analyze consumption-critical processes To achieve this, the points where energy consumption is highest must be localized in advance. Obvious “power guzzlers” can of course be found at hardware level. These can be storage and retrieval machines and conveyor technology. The building equipment is … Read more

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