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Stainless steel printer housing

Universal stainless steel printer housing

For label printer

For the protection of label printers in demanding applications
The stainless steel printer housings, optionally in V2A or V4A, ensure smooth operation at ambient temperatures down to -40 °C. Thus, they easily withstand demands in cold storage or freezer.

In addition, an absolutely robust, waterproof capsule inside the housing ensures the functionality of the label printer, even if it has to be blasted, e.g. in slaughterhouses or hygienically sensitive environments.

Safe use in adverse operating environments


Based on a retractable slide rail on which the printer is located, it is very easy to change label rolls or make printer settings. The standard version is available in the format 645,5 x 400 x 483 mm, designed for e.g. Toshiba BA410, Zebra GK-/GX42x / ZD62x or Zebra ZT62x as well as laser printers – individual formats as well as characteristics we realize for you of course. Just talk to us about it!

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