AI-supported fleet & transport planning

pLG Tour planning “Smart Tour”

Automatic route planning: AI-supported scheduling

Optimally plan your fleet and drivers and reduce transportation costs

The pLG route planning “Smart Tour” with integrated route optimization supports you AI-based in the planning of all delivery and collection tours – for optimal utilization of your fleet with minimal transport costs and drastically reducedCO2 emissions.

The intuitive web-based system allows transports to be planned fully automatically at the click of a mouse. Thanks to the seamless integration of pLG telematics, order changes or additional orders – for example for collection – can be easily scheduled even after the tour has started.

  • Live monitoring of the tour progress
  • Distribute orders to started tours
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Fully customizable resources
  • Proactive notifications


  • Automated route planning and route optimization
  • Ideal deployment of your scarce driving personnel
  • Takes all relevant restrictions into account
  • Ongoing ETA update
  • Optimization according to time, costs or distance
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End-to-end scheduling processes

The AI-based pLG route planning system “Smart Tour” is your system for efficient end-to-end scheduling: thanks to seamless telematics integration, it covers all processes from order receipt to invoicing.

The intelligent pLG route planning algorithm suggests optimal routes for your entire fleet in the shortest possible time, taking all parameters into account, including vehicle dimensions, loading capacities, time windows, driver qualifications, historical traffic data – and many other variables.

Each planning proposal can be edited using drag-and-drop, for example – although this is not usually necessary. Detours become unnecessary. Even in the case of subsequently changed orders.

Fewer tours thanks to optimal resource planning

As pLG route planning distributes your order volume particularly efficiently among the individual vehicles, there are generally far fewer tours. This allows you to optimize your fleet and, in particular, to deploy scarce drivers efficiently.

Automation instead of time-consuming routine tasks

New customers can be created in no time and existing data can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Simulations also enable reliable and fast quotation costing. Lists, paper documents and many routine manual planning tasks become superfluous as the system accesses, manages and visualizes all available data.

Live monitoring of the tour progress

All data from the telematics system is reported back to pLG route planning in real time. Track your tours in real time: tour monitoring displays all stops in a timeline. A corresponding marker makes it clear which stops have already been successfully approached. You can keep track of your transportation processes at all times, including order status, arrival times or data on exchanged loading equipment. This way you can provide your customers with information!

Distribute orders to tours already started 

Even orders that arrive during the course of the day after planning can be easily scheduled for collection – always taking into account available loading space and minimum costs, of course. The new order data is automatically transferred to the driver’s mobile device and seamlessly integrated into their workflow.

Intuitive web interface 

With pLG tour planning, you benefit from optimized tours at the click of a mouse. The system is extremely intuitive to use, so that new employees are quickly up and running. The tour suggestions provided by the algorithm can be changed at any time using drag & drop. The completely web-based application can be used with all common browsers. Users only need their login and can start immediately.

Fully customizable resources

Vehicles, vehicle types, drivers or trailers can be stored in the pLG route planning system with a wide variety of parameters – e.g. whether a driver is certified in hazardous goods handling, whether a lifting platform is available in the vehicle and much more. Absences are also taken into account accordingly in the planning.

Proactive notifications  

Is a delivery delayed? A time slot cannot be kept due to a traffic jam? All events that occur during a tour are proactively displayed in the scheduling department so that it can react. Recipients can also be notified automatically. Whether dispatcher, customer or driver – the pLG route planning “Smart Tour” creates transparency and thus provides the basis for quick decisions.

Rethinking local transport planning 

The result: significantly more efficiency for dispatchers, personnel in the hall and in the vehicle.


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