Warehouse management à la carte – food wholesaler Rullko upgrades intralogistics

Implementation of the warehouse management system pL-Store® Foodline including the use of proLogistik hardware.

Industry: Food wholesale

About Rullko Großeinkauf GmbH & Co KG

  • Headquarters in Hamm
  • 150 employees
  • 20.000 sqm warehouse space
  • 20.000 items
  • 8,000 customers
  • Vehicle fleet with approx. 25 tours per day

Initial situation

“At the beginning of 2017, we decided to introduce a warehouse management system in order to increase inventory accuracy, reduce errors in picking as well as in goods receipt, and shorten order lead times,” explains Uwe Langerbeins, Head of EDP, Organization, Controlling, Logistics, Accounting and Administration at Rullko Großeinkauf GmbH & Co. KG. At the same time, those responsible promised themselves further improved traceability through optimized MHD and RLZ as well as batch management (MHD = best before date / RLZ = remaining shelf life).

Advantages of the proLogistik Group software

Since commissioning the pL-Store-LVS, the food wholesaler has benefited from a wide range of industry-specific functions within the warehouse management system in addition to paperless picking. These include:

  • Online inventory management
  • MHD processing from goods receipt with remaining lead times
  • Temperature detection
  • Organic goods handling
  • Space management with integrated optimization methods
  • Applications for customized awards

In addition, Rullko uses a reporting tool also implemented by proLogistik. The aim here is to identify further potential for improvement through systematic monitoring in order to continuously improve performance in all storage zones.

Fit for current and future requirements

A total of around 14,000 parking spaces, distributed over two warehouse locations, are now managed by Rullko Großeinkauf in Hamm using the pL-Store-LVS. At the material flow level, constant adjustments to the daily order situation ensure the best possible coordination of available resources, such as means of transport and personnel. The interaction between software and hardware also has the effect of speeding up processes and minimizing errors, whether in goods receiving or in the course of picking.

With further improved, system-supported traceability of goods, food safety is also guaranteed in the future.

“Furthermore, the industry application pL-Store® Foodline was convincing – “With this solution, we offer a warehouse management system in which numerous functions that are especially relevant for food wholesalers are already included as standard.”

Richard Martin, Industry Sales Foodline at proLogistik Group
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