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Furniture trade

Our software solution for the furniture trade

Between manufacturer, retailer & end consumer

The processes in new furniture logistics require perfect interaction between sales, production planning, transportation and assembly. Timely delivery and high service quality are the hallmarks of good service providers. With our transport management system for the new furniture logistics segment, we digitize the logistics processes from production to storage to the installation site. Our functions such as load scanning, swap body management and intelligent route planning help with this.

pLG TMS: The future of furniture transportation


pLG TMS focuses on customer satisfaction by specifically addressing the challenges of the furniture industry. With intelligent functions such as automated planning and digital notification, we enable efficient and punctual delivery. Our driver app ensures smooth delivery and documents every step to create transparency and trust. With our tariff structure, we also offer customized billing options that meet the industry-specific requirements of our customers.

Product highlights:

  • Industry-specific order entry system
  • Numerous interfaces to all participants in the process chain
  • AI-supported route planning
  • Driver app with digital consignment note
  • Flexible tariff model for the calculation of furniture transportation
  • Graphical route planning based on waypoints
  • App with assembly instructions and complaint handling

Hardware of the proLogistik Group

Quality made in Germany

Optimize your employees’ working environment with first-class hardware from the pL Group. Our industrial PCs and back-of-hand scanners not only make work less problematic, but also withstand the toughest conditions. With production and service “made in Germany”, we guarantee quality at the highest level. You can also benefit from our first-class service team, which is always on hand to assist you after delivery.

pLG WMS – The complete solution

Seamlessly integrable & secure

Our software focuses on efficiency, precision and safety so that your warehouse processes are optimally controlled. Enjoy full control over your stock movements, precise coordination of all processes and the ability to process orders in real time. Our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and adapts flexibly to your individual requirements.

Especially for …

Tailor-made modules
Offer & Orders

Orders and their changes can be automatically imported and processed at package level via numerous interfaces. Assembly times are already processed at package or product level for subsequent assembly planning.


Intelligent transportation and assembly planning ensures on-time delivery. Automated planning feedback to the manufacturer enables efficient production capacity utilization and a reduction in storage and staging areas for all parties involved. The dispatchers are informed about the volume, weight and order type of the transports by the graphical dispatching of the geographical location of the orders with shapes and colors. This makes the time required and the loading space capacity visible for each loading and unloading point.

Assembly & deployment planning

The required assembly times are calculated on the basis of the package information. The calendar-based planning overview provides an overview of the resources deployed in terms of vehicles, people and machines, thus facilitating deployment planning. The special workflows in the driver app are used to document completeness and possible damage during delivery. Assembly instructions and manuals are provided digitally via the driver app. The working time is calculated using the recorded assembly and contract times.

Collection & notification

Loading scanning digitally records all loading processes and detects differences and damage in good time. This means that delays in subsequent processes can be avoided in good time.

Various solutions are available for the notification of deliveries, depending on the recipient group. This ranges from a simple e-mail notification to a voice-controlled notification solution as an add-on.


With the driver app, all processes relevant to delivery are handled digitally. This also involves documenting the completeness of the delivery and recording any damage. The digital proof of delivery with the recipient’s signature is sent to the customer in real time after delivery and stored in an audit-proof and blockchain-secured manner.


The tariff structure covers the typical tariffs for the new furniture industry, such as by seat (sofa) or tour days, as well as the tariffs commonly used in freight forwarding.

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Our Warehouse Management System

We have our pLG Warehouse Management System comprehensively tested and subsequently validated annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) as a constant quality control measure. As a result, we are certified annually as a provider in the IML’s Online Warehouse Logistics Portal.

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