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Magnetic labels

The advantages of magnetic labels

Strongly adhesive and gentle on the substrate

Magnetic labels are the first choice when frequently changing labels are desired because they can be removed without leaving any residue. This eliminates the time-consuming removal of permanently screwed or glued markings.

Flexible in use

Magnetic labels adhere permanently and can be optimally attached to steel shelves, for example. Their magnetic adhesion makes them ideal for stock marking in cold stores or freezers. The labels also bring order to any warehouse, office or shipping department. If necessary, the labels can be removed and reused elsewhere.

For your needs, we offer a wide variety of magnetic labels in many sizes, colors and material thicknesses. Feel free to contact us – we will find the right solution for you!


Magnetic labels
Areas of applicationFor all common types of shelving in the warehouse, such as pallet racking, flow racking, shelf racking, deep-freeze storage, etc. Not suitable for outdoor use (flash rust).
Formats89 x 36 mm
170 x 25 mm
150 x 55 mm
150 x 74 mm
60 x 200 mm
250 x 100 mm
170 x 50 mm
180 x 70 mm
150 x 55 mm
Other formats on request
Materials1 mm, 1.5 mm, 3 mm (others on request)
Label materials such as polyethylene, PVC, polyester are directly mounted/ glued on the magnet.
ColorsFor sufficient contrast between the background and the bars, the following color combinations are possible: Background colors: White / Yellow / Orange / Green / Light blue
Print typeDigital or thermal transfer printing
Special featuresFor new markings, clean the surfaces if necessary. Deep-freeze storage (down to -30 °C) can be marked with magnetic labels on a 1.5 mm thick magnet.
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