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pLG customer portal

Reduce costs & improve data quality with the pLG customer portal

Close EDI gaps in your supply chain

Optimize your order process by reducing manual entry processes and increasing efficiency. Thanks to our web-based platform, you can seamlessly integrate your customers into the data flow and outsource work at the same time. Both shipping and procurement orders can be entered directly by your customers, allowing you to close gaps in the EDI coverage of your supply chain and reduce costs.

  • Increased efficiency and time savings through automated data collection
  • Easy integration into your website – no visual breaks
  • Touch-ready and fully responsive for mobile applications
  • No installation required – services available in the cloud
  • Minimal training required thanks to intuitive user interface
  • Support for numerous transmission formats


  • Connection to transportation management systems
  • Can be integrated into existing system landscapes
  • Generation of barcodes
  • Printout of loading lists
  • Dangerous goods registration with legal certainty
  • Transparent order organization incl. Statistics
  • Integrated tracking of recorded shipments
  • Article entry supported by master data
  • Pick-up registrations for better capacity planning
  • Automated PDF export to interested parties
  • Extended order validation for individual checks
  • Connection by means of individual transmission formats
    is supported

More details about the pLG customer portal

The pLG customer portal is aimed at freight forwarders, cooperations, freight forwarding networks and alliances as well as shippers and central customers who require shipping, procurement and relocation services.

A service-oriented, modern customer portal that enables a seamless connection between customers and shippers, especially where direct EDI integration is uneconomical or not realizable from a technical perspective.

Hosting takes place in our own data centers and we support all common forwarding standard data formats. Thanks to a centralized database, all parties involved have real-time access. You have control over which data and options your customers can view, which leads to reduced administrative work as your customers can manage the master data themselves.

Increased efficiency and time savings through automated data collection

By eliminating manual data entry activities that were previously carried out by your specialized staff, you achieve a significant increase in efficiency and considerable time savings.

Tour monitoring

Discover our solution for seamless integration on your website without causing visual breaks. With the pLG customer portal, you will find a user-friendly mobile application with a touch-enabled and fully responsive user interface – easy to use wherever you are.

No installation & minimal training required

No installation required – all services and functions are continuously available in the pLG Cloud, both for you and your customers. Furthermore, the training effort required for your employees is minimal, as the user interface is extremely intuitive and very advantageous.

Support for numerous transmission formats

We support a variety of transmission formats, including FORTRAS, EDIFACT, SAP IDoc as well as industry-specific formats such as VDA, Fixed Record, Separated Values or XML and individual data formats.

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