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Logistical challenges in the textile industry

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The textile industry is strongly characterized by seasonal trends and collections, which leads to strongly fluctuating demand. Short product life cycles require efficient logistics in order to get products to stores quickly and avoid overstocking. The variety of designs, sizes and variants poses a challenge for warehousing. Logistics must identify and ship the right products quickly and accurately. The industry is also under pressure to become more sustainable in terms of logistics. Innovative solutions and technologies in logistics are necessary to ensure an efficient and sustainable supply chain in the textile industry.

pLG WMS Retail: The product for the textile retail trade

Customized solutions

Our proLogistik Warehouse Management System offers a comprehensive range of functions that are specially tailored to the requirements of the textile industry. In addition to basic tasks such as data capture and article management, it also supports complex processes such as online inventory management for real-time data transfer, pick-by-voice picking and the efficient management of batches and lots.

By integrating these functions, companies can ensure that they meet the demands of a dynamic and fast-moving industry where time is of the essence. Our warehouse management software offers an effective solution for organizing and processing returns, which is particularly important in the textile industry.

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Product highlights for your textile retail business:

  • Online inventory management
  • Pick-by-voice order picking
  • Dispatch processing
  • Returns management incl. Optimization process
  • Chaotic storage bin management

Our references

pLG Autostore Connector

Efficient Autostore warehouse connection

The proLogistik Group offers an exclusive solution for the direct connection of Autostore warehouses. The integrated pLG Autostore Connector in the pLG WMS ensures a seamless connection to the automated small parts warehouse. There is no need for an additional sub-WMS, which increases efficiency and simplicity.

The Transport Management System of the pL Group

Efficient, cost-saving & environmentally friendly

Discover the PLG TMS – the ultimate solution for all challenges in the transportation industry. Whether heavy goods, hazardous goods or foodstuffs, our system optimizes tours and routes, cuts costs and reduces CO2 emissions. Maintain an overview and increase your customers’ satisfaction at the same time. With pLG TMS you are ideally equipped for any transportation task.

Especially for …

Tailor-made modules
Retail trade
  • Multi-warehouse & multi-client capability
  • Connection of fully automated storage systems
  • Cross Dock
  • Resource planning
  • Fast turning process
  • Connection of multi-carrier systems
  • CrossDock procedure
  • Space management
  • Loading control
  • Quality assurance
  • Multi-order picking
  • Pick & Pack – Online store integration
  • Online inventory management
  • Order & article-related commissioning
  • Returns management

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Tested and approved

Our Warehouse Management System

We have our pLG Warehouse Management System comprehensively tested and subsequently validated annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) as a constant quality control measure. As a result, we are certified annually as a provider in the IML’s Online Warehouse Logistics Portal.

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