Gold Ochsen Brewery writes success story with pL-Store® from proLogistik

With the aim of increasing inventory security, creating transparency throughout, and ensuring batch tracking, the Gold Ochsen brewery, an Ulm original, has realigned its beverage logistics.

Industry: Beverage trade

The brewery Gold Ox

  • Foundation 1597
  • 200 employees
  • Headquarters in Ulm
  • 300 items permanently in stock
  • 20 truck tours per day
  • 45 Self pickup per day
  • 2 filling lines with a capacity of up to
  • 40,000 bottles per hour

Realized project

Implementation of the warehouse management system pL-Store®, including proLogistik hardware:
pro-V-pad terminals and voice-assisted picking with Pick by Voice.

Prepared for any challenge

Beverage demand naturally varies depending on the weather and the season. Major sporting events, such as the soccer World Cup, also have an impact on the daily order and pick numbers to be processed. By implementing a modern and flexibly scalable warehouse management system, the traditional Ulm brewery is now able to respond quickly to changes in ordering behavior. New IT-supported processes can also be set up more quickly.


Since then, the warehouse management system has proven its worth in the sometimes hectic day-to-day work in the Gold Ochsen brewery warehouse, where around 300 different items are permanently stocked and around 20 truck tours have to be handled every day. In addition, there are self-collectors, whose number averages 45 per day.

Customized WMS Facts

  • speaker-independent picking system “pro-Voice
  • Forklift guidance system

Beverage module for warehouse management and its industry-specific functions:

  • Collective storage
  • Multiple transports
  • dynamic block space handling
  • Empties handling
  • Batch, MHD, vintage and inventory management

“The overall concept developed and implemented meets in detail our requirements for simplified, IT-supported processes, transparency and batch traceability.”

Ursula Gatzke, Gold Ox IT Manager
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