Successful WMS LOGIS MOVE implementation at Bio Partner Schweiz AG

Dataphone AG’s WMS LOGIS MOVE has already been in use at Bio Partner Schweiz AG since 2013. After 7 years of close cooperation, the leading organic retailer decides to continue the successful partnership and use the latest software architecture.

Industry: Food retail (LEH)

About Biopartner Switzerland AG

  • Foundation 2007
  • Headquarters and logistics center in Seon, Canton Aargau (CH)
  • Leading partner in the Swiss organic market
  • 400 employees
  • 10.000+ items
  • 12.200 m2 warehouse
  • 9,700 pallet storage spaces
  • 5 humidity zones

2013 started the cooperation

To ensure that all customer segments receive fresh and punctual deliveries of the more than 10,000 items ranging from fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, pasta and beverages to natural cosmetics and raw materials for the processing industry, a modern, stable and reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS) such as LOGIS MOVE from Dataphone AG is required. With the latest release of its WMS LOGIS MOVE, Bio Partner Schweiz AG relies on a sustainable and future-proof software of the latest generation.

The LOGIS MOVE WMS is provided in the cloud

Thus, no own infrastructure is required and the resources are freely scalable. In addition, the customer gains server resilience through the new deployment in a professional cloud. Availability is correspondingly higher.

Customized WMS Facts

  • Connection to automatic small parts warehouse (AKL)
  • Batch and MHD management incl. Test criteria such as: Organic certificates, country of origin, delivery temperature, and much more.
  • ABC/XYZ Classification of goods and warehouse
  • Master data handling with conversion factors between pieces, liters and kilograms
  • Weight recording via electronically connected scales
  • System generated warnings

Hardware Facts


  • Mobile computer
  • Forklift terminals

“With the latest release of its warehouse management system (WMS) LOGIS MOVE, Bio Partner Schweiz AG is relying on sustainable and future-proof software of the latest generation.”

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