Successful pL-Store® WMS implementation at Hammer Advanced Logistics

At Hammer’s new logistics campus in Eschweiler, the multi-client Warehouse Management System pL-Store® ensures fast, error-free and efficient omnichannel fulfillment.

Industry: Logistics service provider

About Hammer GmbH & Co KG

  • Owner managed family business
  • Headquarters in Aachen
  • Size: over 105,000 sqm warehouse space
  • Performance network in over 25 countries
  • Logistics service provider: land, air and sea transportation
  • Small parts warehouse with 24,720 bin locations

2008 started the cooperation

The collaboration started back in 2008 with the introduction of the standard software in Pullheim. Subsequently, as part of an ongoing process of adaptation and optimization, the partners connected additional branches and digitized processes, and steadily increased the range of functions of the WMS, including applications for the processing of value-added services (VAS). The pL-Store® WMS has been in operation at the Eschweiler Logistics Campus since the fourth quarter of 2021.

Advantages of the proLogistik Group software

With its end-to-end digitalized processes, Hammer is in a position to implement clients’ multi-channel concepts in an optimal operational manner. This also means that peaks such as Black Friday or Cyber Week are handled carefree. Furthermore, the WMS software is saclierable and seamlessly supports Hammer’s continued growth.

Customized WMS Facts

  • Connection to automatic small parts warehouse (AKL)
  • Store systems
  • Narrow aisle warehouse
  • GS1 label
  • Exact filling quantity calculation based on weight and size
  • Goods receiving stations such as elevator, continuous conveyor, etc. connected
  • Possibility of Pick & Pack

Hardware Facts


  • Stacker terminal pro-V-Pad Classic

“Even growing and changing demands can be flexibly implemented at any time thanks to the Warehouse Management System from proLogistik, whose range of functions fully covers 3PL specifics.”

Tim Wilhelm, Hammer
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