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The advantages of e-paper labels

The electronic alternative

Labels and signs are no longer just made of conventional paper, but can also convince in digital form. This is because e-paper is already replacing paper labels in many industries. E-paper displays deliver modern and digital signage for a variety of applications.

Increased efficiency through paperless use

A large area of application for e-paper is, for example, electronic price labels in supermarkets or use in mechanical and plant engineering. E-papers are also a suitable solution in retail or logistics. Due to the reflective technology, the readability of e-paper displays is excellent even in sunlight.

The screens provide a flicker-free display from any viewing angle and can display content perfectly legible in room light and daylight. Labeling is not done with a sheet of paper and a pen, but via WLAN. Thus, the displayed data such as goods, quantities, prices can be changed and kept up to date at any time.

Advantages of e-paper:

  • Individual
    Through electronic paper and different sizes
  • Longevity
    Battery life up to 5 years
  • Versatility
    Use in trade, logistics and industry
  • Graphic
    Full graphic E-INK paper display
  • Widely
    Viewing angle almost 180 degrees
  • Color variety
    In black and white / black and white red
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