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The building materials industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. This is hardly surprising, as people have been erecting structures and buildings since time immemorial. Nowadays, building materials are used in all areas of the construction industry, including building construction, civil engineering and drywall construction. They range from building materials such as slabs, paving stones and bulk material to other building materials such as bricks, wood and concrete blocks. A building materials wholesaler offers a wide selection of these materials in large quantities to meet the needs of construction companies, craftsmen and other professionals in the construction industry.

Warehouse management software pLG WMS Wholesale

Warehouse logistics for your building materials wholesale business

Due to the extensive range and heavy materials, the building materials trade faces particular challenges, regardless of whether it sells to private or commercial customers. It is crucial to ensure the shortest possible waiting time for pickers and to carefully plan the picking sequences for larger and smaller building materials. It is also important to compact pallets as efficiently as possible in order to save space on trucks.

Our pLG WMS Wholesale was specifically tailored to the requirements of the building materials industry.

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Product highlights for the building materials wholesale trade:

  • Fine-WE-Crossdock
  • Route and storage space optimization in the small parts area
  • Picking ready for dispatch
    Loading sequence
  • Freestyle picking
  • Chaotic and fixed storage space management
  • Brand, shade and batch management

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Tailor-made industry solutions

“The changeover to paperless picking has put an end to the paperwork and the warehouse management system ensures stock reliability, so that loading processes can also be made much more targeted and efficient.”
Marco Emken Managing Director, Central Warehouse Nowebau GmbH & Co. KG
“We chose pLG WMS Techline because it is an application that specifically covers the needs of the building materials industry.”

Julia Falkenburg Project manager at Hieronimi

Efficient Autostore warehouse connection with pLG Autostore Connector

The solution from the proLogistik Group

The proLogistik Group offers an exclusive solution for the direct connection of Autostore warehouses. The integrated pLG Autostore Connector in the pLG WMS ensures a seamless connection to the automated small parts warehouse. There is no need for an additional sub-WMS, which increases efficiency and simplicity.

pLG Bonsai coding management

Negotiations, conditions management, control & billing

Discover BONSAI, the innovative solution from the proLogistik Group that takes your supplier relationships to a new level. BONSAI supports you seamlessly in all areas of terms and conditions management, from efficient preparation for annual meetings to automated valuation and invoicing.

Especially for …

Tailor-made modules
Incoming goods
  • DESADV provision of incoming goods
  • Fine-WE-Crossdock
  • Mobile fine WE
  • SSCC incoming goods
Customer counter
  • Counter staff decide on the picking process
  • Priority control
  • Freestyle picking
  • Flexibility
Small parts & tiles
  • Picking ready for dispatch
  • Route & parking space optimization
  • Brand, nuance & batch management
  • Trial order/ sample provision
  • Paperless picking
  • Tour, customer, order & picking by storage area
Outdoor storage
  • Full integration of the external storage system into the overall process
  • Management of long-term reserves
  • Loading sequence
  • Full integration into the route goods receipt process
Branch warehouse / round trip
  • Night jump
  • Simplification of the WE process/
  • Fine-WE-Crossdock
    Integration of tour provision
  • Direct mobile booking of goods
  • Multi-order picking
  • Pick & Pack – Online store integration
  • Order and item-related volume calculation
  • Returns management
Further functions
  • Online inventory management
  • Chaotic and fixed storage space management
  • Permanent and key date inventory
  • Barcode control

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We have our pLG Warehouse Management System comprehensively tested and subsequently validated annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) as a constant quality control measure. As a result, we are certified annually as a provider in the IML’s Online Warehouse Logistics Portal.

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