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Many companies decide to outsource their logistics in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Another reason is the opportunity to draw on the expertise of logistics experts. Specialized service providers for the transport of food and frozen products are essential in order to meet the high demands placed on supply chains. They ensure a reliable supply to stores and warehouses.

pLG WMS 3-PL for logistics service providers


Managing numerous outsourced logistics projects for different customers is a significant challenge for logistics service providers, warehouses and freight forwarders. Storage spaces are rented out to different companies, which often use different merchandise management systems. As intermediaries between manufacturers and customers, logistics service providers must therefore implement a highly developed warehouse management system that meets the specific requirements of the industry. This is particularly crucial in the storage and transportation of food or frozen products, where maintaining the cold chain and keeping track of best-before dates is a top priority.

The proLogistik Group has developed its own module specifically for logistics service providers in the food sector, which is installed as an integral part of the warehouse management system. The additional functions of the warehouse management software allow service providers to enter orders manually to enable flexible client management. Other industry-specific features such as the calculation of storage charges, the FIFO principle and minimum shelf life control are also included.

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Product highlights for food & frozen food logistics:

  • Independent warehouse management without a superimposed merchandise management system
  • Manual order entry and order handling
  • Client management
  • Cross Docking
  • Stock calculation and packaging
  • Optional simple connection to WWS, ERP and control systems
  • First in First Out
  • Traceability of the supply chain
  • Minimum shelf life
  • Temperature control

Our references

pLG TMS – a product of the pL Group

Freshness guaranteed

Our innovative pLG TMS has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the food and beverage industry. The Transport Management System offers you everything you need for seamless control and optimization of your supply chain. Avoid food waste and ensure complete traceability of your products.

pLG Bonsai coding management

Negotiations, conditions management, control & billing

Discover BONSAI, the innovative solution from the proLogistik Group that takes your supplier relationships to a new level. BONSAI supports you seamlessly in all areas of terms and conditions management, from efficient preparation for annual meetings to automated valuation and invoicing.

All the advantages for your industry at a glance

Optimized workflows in the building materials industry


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation

Especially for …

Tailor-made modules
  • MHD handling (compliance with remaining shelf life)
  • Multi-warehouse and multi-client capability
  • Deposit management
  • Management of vintages
Fresh, frozen & meat
  • Weight handling
  • Fast turning process
  • Temperature detection
  • Consideration of additional articles
  • Weight handling
  • Meat batches
  • Provisions
Dry assortment
  • Order and tour picking
  • MHD processing
  • Batch tracing
Fruit & vegetables
  • Replacement article
  • IFCO crate handling
  • Flexible picking station management
  • Provisions
Fulfillment & E-Commerce
  • Webshop connection for direct placement of B2C customer orders
  • Multi-order picking

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Our Warehouse Management System

We have our pLG Warehouse Management System comprehensively tested and subsequently validated annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) as a constant quality control measure. As a result, we are certified annually as a provider in the IML’s Online Warehouse Logistics Portal.

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