Logistics service provider Craiss opens new location in the Czech Republic with proLogistik

With the new branch in the east of the Czech Republic, Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG is following the guiding principle of growing in the area of contract logistics beyond the German-speaking region in Eastern Europe.

Industry: Freight forwarders & logistics service providers

About Albert Craiss GmbH & Co KG

  • Headquarters in Muehlacker
  • 800 employees
  • 16 locations in 6 countries
  • Family-run logistics company
  • Total storage area approx. 170,000 m²
  • Services in the production,
  • Industrial, warehouse and store logistics

Expansion in Eastern Europe

Since May 2019, Craiss has been operating a warehouse with a direct link to production for an existing customer in Mohelnice, Czech Republic.

The plant specializes in the production of geared motors, which are used in conveyor belts, among other things. The contract logistics provider is responsible for the receipt of goods, order-related picking, replenishment of assembly and packaging activities for shipping.

Digitization is essential

A special feature of the implemented software solution for warehouse management is the production station-related release of orders. This means that all required components must be picked sequentially. Forklift trucks, vertical order pickers and tugger trains are used for this. The replenishment request is triggered by scanning the assembly station and simultaneously recorded in pL-Store®. At the same time, a transport is activated for the order to be picked, which is waiting at a station designed as a buffer corridor. A responsible employee is informed of the availability and transports the requested parts to the correct workstation by tugger train.

proLogistik has the necessary knowledge

As already at the Warburg, Schwandorf and Regensburg sites, Craiss opted for the warehouse management software pL-Store® from proLogistik. “We have repeatedly had good experiences with the intralogistics system provider in recent years,” says Daniel Sämann, Team Leader Software Development at Craiss. “proLogistik has repeatedly demonstrated the necessary knowledge of process design, even with varying customer-specific features. We also obtain hardware and software from a single source. In this respect, it made sense to place our trust in the Dortmund-based company in Mohelnice as well.”

“With pL-Store® from proLogistik, we have now also succeeded in Mohelnice in interlinking production and logistics without media discontinuity and creating end-to-end transparency across the entire process.”

Daniel Sämann, software expert and team leader
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