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Frozen food labels

Labels for frozen products

For use in deep-freeze areas down to -40 °C

During transport and storage, labels are often exposed to extreme loads and temperature fluctuations. Particularly in the frozen food sector, label adhesion and durability must be able to withstand very cold and sometimes already frozen surfaces.

For the food industry & healthcare

To be prepared for these exceptionally cold conditions in the deep-freeze warehouse, the deep-freeze labels are made of robust deep-freeze paper. The cold-resistant adhesive ensures that the labels adhere securely even to products that are already frozen.

The largest areas of application for the freezer-resistant labels include frozen storage in the food industry, logistics, and laboratories in the healthcare and medical/pharmaceutical sectors.


Frozen food labels
Areas of applicationStorage, shelf, pallet or product labels for frozen food storage, frozen food packaging or shelf life instructions
Formats89 x 36 mm
170 x 25 mm
150 x 55 mm
150 x 74 mm
60 x 200 mm
250 x 100 mm
170 x 50 mm
180 x 70mm
150 x 55mm
Other formats on request
MaterialsFrozen paper, thermal TK paper, TK laser printable paper
ColorsFor sufficient contrast between background and bars, the following color combinations are possible: Background colors: White / Yellow / Orange / Green / Light blue Bar colors: Black / Blue / Green / Cyan / Brown
MountingAdhesive TK-permanent
Print typeDirect thermal or thermal transfer printing
Special featuresSecure adhesion, even on already frozen products due to special adhesive types
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