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From the purchasing process to goods receipt, storage and precise picking to the smooth shipping process – our pLG WMS e-commerce software is a reliable partner for online retailers to ensure that customer requirements are met accurately and efficiently. Our warehouse management software offers comprehensive support along the entire process flow, ensuring seamless order processing.

Warehouse management software pLG WMS E-Commerce

Warehouse logistics for your e-commerce

Our advanced warehouse management software, pLG WMS E-Commerce, is characterized by its innovative approach, which goes far beyond the simple management of goods receipts and inventories. By integrating AI algorithms, it performs two tasks at the same time during putaway and also takes the subsequent retrieval process into account.

The software analyzes the warehouse and item properties as well as all movements in the stock in order to determine the optimum storage location for swift retrieval. In addition, our warehouse management software regularly monitors key figures such as ABC/XYZ values, minimum/maximum/reportable stock levels and the corresponding storage bins and is therefore ideally tailored to the challenges of e-commerce.

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Product highlights:

  • Several storage locations
  • Different storage areas
  • 3D model for optimal route finding
  • Support for various storage and retrieval machines
  • Returns management
  • Support for transportation aids
  • Barcode processing
  • Label generation
  • Scalability
  • Value Added Services
  • Connection to shipping service provider services

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Especially for …

Tailor-made modules
Store connection

Our pLG WMS E-Commerce is able to cooperate with any existing store system. pLG WMS E-Commerce can even serve several store systems simultaneously.

The software does not differentiate between B2B and B2C stores and can even identify customer types within a store and automatically check the European VAT ID.


The perfect purchasing advisor: Based on order reservations, warehouse key figures and empirical values from the AI algorithms, our pLG WMS E-Commerce suggests a purchase quantity per item.

pLG WMS E-Commerce selects the best supplier according to price, shipping & delivery time. Orders are sent directly to the supplier and delivery times are monitored


The pLG WMS e-commerce software helps you to manage your various payment options efficiently – and is able to manage data from both banks and payment providers.

The integrated payment reconciliation of pLG WMS E-Commerce automates the allocation of account statements, prepayment approvals, payment accounts and document exports.

Order picking

The pLG WMS E-Commerce uses a 3D model of your warehouse for optimal order picking. It efficiently distributes the orders to picking rounds and selects the appropriate picking type as required.

The WMS manages order-related consignment goods and partial deliveries, such as just-in-time deliveries. The software sends items and orders from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the end customer (drop shipping). Permanent stocktaking avoids interruptions to operations.


The pLG WMS e-commerce software offers a variety of integrated shipping service providers without the need for third-party software from the transportation company.

The first and subsequent consignments can have different shipping methods and change automatically. Delivery by our own delivery fleet with integrated route planning and fleet management is also possible.


Shipping speed is crucial: the faster the goods reach the customer, the less likely they are to be returned. The returns processing itself is quick and easy thanks to the software:

  • Various options for opening the returns order
  • Automatic display of returned items
  • Effortless transfer with a click or scan
Order processing

The software automatically collects orders from the store without the need to manually copy or import files. All orders undergo a plausibility check, which includes credit checks on request.

With the right settings, items can be reserved for specific orders during import, based on status, priority or time. This means that orders pass through the system automatically, without manual intervention.

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Tested and approved

Our Warehouse Management System

We have our pLG Warehouse Management System comprehensively tested and subsequently validated annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) as a constant quality control measure. As a result, we are certified annually as a provider in the IML’s Online Warehouse Logistics Portal.

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