Building materials wholesaler focuses on the potential of digitalization

With the successive implementation of a new ERP system and industry-specific warehouse management software, Nowebau has placed its business processes in Großefehn on a new, powerful and solid footing.

Industry: Wholesale of building materials

About Zentrallager Nowebau GmbH & Co. KG

  • Headquarters in Großefehn
  • 87 locations
  • 2,000 employees in the Nowebau Group
  • 80.000 m² area
  • 10,000 pallet storage spaces
  • Delivers to 100+ customers 2x per week
  • approx. 80,000 tons of goods shipped per year

Initial situation

Until September 2017, intralogistics was controlled solely via the ERP software, which also includes a module for inventory management. “The disadvantage, however, was that printed tour and pick lists were in circulation and this required special knowledge regarding the stocks and their storage locations,” reports Marco Emken, Managing Director of the Nowebau central warehouse. “This was made even more difficult by the immense time pressure, which untrained employees in particular could hardly withstand.” Also, in the context of customer support, there would often have been the question of whether the availability signaled by the ERP system actually existed in reality.

(LVS) pL-Store® Techline with pre-programmed interface in ERP

This software solution for warehouse and material flow control was specially designed for the building materials and sanitary industry as well as technical wholesalers and already covers their special requirements profile in the standard version.
Since go-live, all intralogistics processes have been controlled exclusively via pL-Store® Techline. Here, the software communicates with the ERP system, via which incoming orders are recorded and transmitted to the LVS.
Immediate transmission of each order allows managers to prepare for picking and collect the required goods at a dedicated storage location within the halls.

Good things even better designed and future-proofed

Another advantage of pL-Store® Techline, and one that is decisive for the building materials trading company, is the multi-client capability of the warehouse management system. With significantly increased information depth, both individual business processes, which can be flexibly modeled, and the respective order status are clearly differentiated. It was also important that processes did not have to be completely redesigned, but that proven procedures can now be handled faster and more securely with system support than before.

“The switch to paperless picking has put an end to paperwork, and inventory security is ensured via the warehouse management system, so loading operations can also be much more targeted and efficient.”

Marco Emken, Geschäftsführer Zentrallager Nowebau GmbH & Co. KG
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