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What’s new? Which trend will prevail? Which innovation will become the standard tomorrow? If you want to be successful in your job, you can’t rest on your laurels. That’s why we at proLogistik always keep our eyes and ears open to stay up to date – and to keep our customers informed about the latest developments.

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Mit Retrofit zu einer modernen Lagerlogistik
pL-Store® – Fit again with Retrofit // Fresh cell cure for warehouse logistics

The ongoing dynamics of change also pose a challenge to intralogistics. Flexible…

Effiziente Lagerverwaltung bei HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH dank proLogistik
proLogistik optimizes warehouse management at HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH

At its central headquarters in Fröndenberg an der Ruhr, HONSEL Umformtechnik Gm…

MP Logistik setzt auf proLogistik's pL-Store® WMS am neuen Emsbüren-Standort
proLogistik implements pL-Store® WMS at MP Logistik’s new Emsbüren site

In order to meet the growing demand for storage capacity and increasingly sophis…

Das Unternehmen Bünting als Neukunde
proLogistik wins Bünting as a new customer

proLogistik continues its growth course in the food retail sector. After a long …

Moderne digitale Lagerverwaltungssoftware von proLogistik optimiert Baustoff Union
Digital warehouse management solution from proLogistik makes BAUSTOFF UNION fit for the future

For the introduction of a warehouse management system (WMS), BAUSTOFF UNION NÜR…

Mitarbeiter scannt Pakete
We are the warehouse management experts in Switzerland

What makes my company more resilient to unpredictable events like pandemics and …

Effiziente Lagerverwaltung mit
Intralogistics experts in Switzerland

There are many good reasons for optimal intralogistics. Find out here how the co…

Erfolgsgeschichte der Lagerverwaltungssoftware bei Logis Move
Sideshore AG – Digital intralogistics in just six months

From paper to digital intralogistics in just six months Sideshore AG is a young,…

Glückliche Mitarbeiterin dank optimierter Prozesse
WMS – control center for more (energy) efficient warehouse logistics

Every kilowatt hour counts. Reducing electricity consumption as permanently as p…

Stabiler WLAN-Empfang für reibungslose Abläufe im Betrieb
WLAN reception in operation

Do you have optimal WLAN reception throughout the company? Imagine you are in th…

Lagerhalle mit Implementierung des PL Stores
What are the tasks of a warehouse management?

What is the task of a well-functioning warehouse management system? The tasks of…

Vorteile einer Lagerlogistik Software
Warehouse Logistics Software

Control and manage your warehouse inventory with the latest generation warehouse…

Vorteile einer modernen und optimierten Lagerverwaltung
Modern warehouse management should be the foundation of your business

What is a warehouse management system? Simply explained: With a modern warehouse…

Intralogistik-Upgrade bei Rullko Lebensmittelgroßhändler für effiziente Lagerverwaltung
Stock management à la carte

By introducing a warehouse management system, Rullko Großeinkauf GmbH & Co….

Hammer GmbH & Co. KG nutzt proLogistik Group's pL-Store®-WMS für skalierbare und flexible Lagerverwaltung im Omnichannel-Bereich
Successful pL-Store® WMS implementation at Hammer Advanced Logistics

At Hammer’s new logistics campus in Eschweiler, the multi-client-capable Warehou…

Fassbender-Tenten erhöht Lieferqualität und verkürzt Auftragsdurchlaufzeiten durch Implementierung von proLogistik's pL-Store® Techline
Fassbender-Tenten relies on digital warehouse management

As part of a pilot project, Fassbender-Tenten initially introduced the standard …

K+K Klaas & Kock steigert Effizienz und bereitet sich auf zukünftige Herausforderungen mit proLogistik Group Lösungen vor
proLogistik ensures freshness kick at K+K with warehouse management

For more than seven decades, K+K Klaas + Kock has been convincing customers with…

Haustechnik-Großhändler M. Bach GmbH optimiert Lagerprozesse mit proLogistik Group's Lösungen
M. Bach GmbH now relies on PL-Store® Techline from proLogistik

The wholesale company M. Bach GmbH, which specializes in building technology, ha…

Im Falk & Ross Logistikzentrum wurde erfolgreich ein Systemwechsel durchgeführt, wodurch die Aktualisierung von pL-Store® die Effizienz und Transparenz steigert
Successful release change in the
Falk & Ross Logistics Center in Spain

Together with the Dortmund-based intralogistics system house proLogistik, the in…

Craiss erweitert mit proLogistik seinen Standort in Tschechien, um Produktion und Logistik effizienter zu verzahnen und Transparenz im Gesamtprozess zu schaffen
Logistics service provider Craiss opens new location in Czech Republic with proLogistik

At its new site in Mohelnice, Czech Republic, Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG op…

Powerful label printers for every situation

Label Printer – But which one is the best for my industry? With a powerful label…

Mitarbeiter scannen Etiketten
Toys become faster with Autostore and WMS

Due to the booming e-commerce, Rofu wanted to be able to act faster, more effici…

Lagerhalle mit Implementierung des PL Stores
pL-Store® – How 3PL Providers Master Complexity and Provide for the Future

Logistics service providers and 3PL providers are also upgrading and investing m…

Erklärung ABC- und XYZ-Analyse
What is the ABC and XYZ analysis?

What is the ABC and XYZ analysis? Do you know what ABC analysis is used for in t…

Intralogistics optimized at Volg

With the latest release update of the warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE, …

9 Advantages of digital warehouse management

Warehouse Management – Digital and Innovative proLogistik Group offers a wide ra…

pL-Store® als umfassende und effiziente Lösung für alle Branchen
pL-Store® – A perfect fit for all industries. Efficient and comprehensive software solution.

In intralogistics, WMS solutions impress with quality and a range of functions p…

Mit optimierten Prozessen sicher in die Zukunft
Optimized intralogistics bring companies safely into the future

More and more companies want and need to optimize their intralogistics in order …

Effizienzsteigerung mit pl-Store
pL-Store®: Increased responsiveness in e-commerce logistics

With the surge in online orders since the outbreak of the pandemic, peaks are a …

Auswirkungen und Risiken des Wetters auf Lagerprozesse
The weather risks and the influences on our storage processes

How do you deal with weather risk in retail? Weather plays a big role in retail …

WMS-optimierte Automatische Kleinteilelager für maximale Leistung
pL-Store®: WMS-supported automatic small parts storage system trimmed to performance standards

AutoStore continues to gain ground. There are good reasons for this. However, th…

Barcode-Scanner von proLogistik
Buy Barcode Scanner – Switzerland

Dataphone, as the Swiss market leader of innovative and smart warehouse hardware…

Erfolgsgeschichte der Lagerverwaltungssoftware bei Logis Move
The success story of LOGIS MOVE warehouse management software continues

Smooth changeover: From paper picking to modern warehouse management software wi…

Digitalisierte und effiziente Lagerverwaltung sorgen für reibungslose Abläufe
How smart is your warehouse management?

Dataphone knows the secret to success of smart warehouse management: With the in…

Barcode-Scanner von proLogistik
Battery charging cabinet for barcode scanner

Have you ever wondered where your employees should charge or store their barcode…

Nutzen von Lagerverwaltungssoftware
What is warehouse management software and what can it do?

The most important questions to ask when evaluating warehouse management softwar…

Barcode-Scanner von proLogistik
Barcode scanner – The fastest way to track processes in the warehouse

Barcode scanners or also called barcode scanners – Are the fastest way to track …

Nutzen der smarten Lagerverwaltung
Why do I need a modern warehouse management system for my warehouse?

Without a modern warehouse management system, called WMS for short, you are no l…

Vorteile eines Transport Management Systems
What is a Transport Management System?

The Transport Management System (TMS) HERMES is an app that deals with the plann…

Baustoffgroßhändler setzt auf die Chancen der Digitalisierung für Wachstum
Digitalized warehouse management in the building materials trade

Digitalization is changing the way we live and the way we work – massively. The …

Lagerverwaltungslösung bringt die Digitalisierung in Ihre Kontraktlogistik und Branche.
Make your contract logistics digital! With our warehouse management solution for your industry

Are you a contract logistics specialist? Would you like to digitalize your wareh…

Edelstahl-Touch-PC für effiziente Steuerung der Produktionsprozesse
Flexible stainless steel touch PC for visualization and control of production processes

The new industrial PC from the pro-V-pad Steel series has a completely enclosed …

Mit der Logisitkberatung von
Logistics consulting by proLogistik – we put your processes to the test!

Have your logistics processes grown over the years? Do you want to reduce your l…

ProGlove Scanhandschuh
ProGlove scanning glove

Every second counts when picking – what are the advantages of picking gloves? Pr…

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