The interface to your Autostore warehouse

pLG Autostore Connector

Direct or indirect – we can do both

We connect your Autostore warehouse with the WMS

The proLogistik Group is one of the few providers to offer a direct connection for Autostore warehouses. The pLG WMS with integrated pLG Autostore Connector connects directly to the automated small parts warehouse. A subordinate sub-WMS for the operation of the Autostore warehouse is no longer required. But we are also happy to provide you with an indirect connection option.

  • Direct connection between WMS and Autostore
  • Integration of the Autostore via standardized interface
  • Short project duration
  • Autostore connection at a fixed price


  • Putaway dialog at the port of the Autotostore
  • Transmits forecast to Autostore to increase performance
  • Dialog for order picking at the Autostore
  • Inventory at the Autostore
  • Compartmentalization (up to 16 compartments possible)
  • Multiorder (optional)
Managed inventories
Installations pLG Autostore Connector
Installations with direct connection
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pLG Autostore Connector

Direct connection to your automated small parts warehouse

The pLG Autostore Connector is a direct connection for Autostore warehouses. The possibility of direct connection to the WMS brings many advantages. With the proLogistik Group, you have one of the few providers at your side that can implement a direct connection. We can also implement an indirect connection for you if required.

We rely on standardized interfaces to connect the WMS system to the Autostore warehouse. The speed of implementation for connectivity projects is increased and costs are reduced at the same time. We can quickly record the costs for connection projects and offer them at an attractive fixed price.

In the standard version, the pLG Autostore Connector has all the functions required for data exchange between Autostore and WMS or for proper storage and retrieval. The pLG Autostore Connector takes over the putaway dialog at the port of the Autostore, it provides the dialog for picking at the workstation and transmits a forecast to the Autostore to increase performance. The inventory of the Autostore warehouse is also carried out with the help of the pLG Autostore Connector. The pLG Autostore Connector can optionally be extended with a multi-order function.

The contents of the bins – these are the storage containers in the Autostore warehouse – are displayed graphically in the picking dialog. This enables the warehouse employee to record the picking process correctly and quickly. In addition, the pLG Autostore Connector enables up to 16 compartmentalization of the bins.

The automated storage system from the Norwegian company Autostore offers a wide range of options. Get an impression on the website of the system provider Autostore (

Direct is faster and cheaper

Compared to an indirect connection between WMS and Autostore, a direct connection using the pLG Autostore Connector eliminates the need for a second, subordinate sub-WMS. This shortens the project duration and reduces costs.

Integration via standardized interface

Thanks to our experience in implementing Autostore projects, we have already been able to standardize many interfaces and processes. This significantly reduces the effort required to connect a WMS to an Autostore system.

Connection possible at a fixed price

Experience and standardization make it possible and enable us to offer you the pLG Autostore Connector for your connection at a fixed price.

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