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The challenges in e-commerce for food retailers include the precise management of perishable goods and best-before dates, ensuring reliable cold chain logistics and balancing supply and demand through efficient inventory management. In addition, legal regulations and customer requirements regarding delivery times and product quality require clear communication and specialized knowledge in order to be successful. Suitable logistics software is therefore crucial to overcoming these challenges and gaining the trust of customers.

The optimal solution:
pLG WMS E-Commerce


From cartons to pallets and individual packs to packaging units, our logistics software takes into account all the requirements of the food trade. The automatic routing system divides customer orders into optimal picking orders, making efficient use of storage areas and simplifying large orders.

Our software allows orders to be split into special shipping packages for large, heavy or refrigerated items, which is particularly important for food shipping. The goods are optimally prepared for further transportation, which is particularly important in the food trade with its time-critical deliveries. Our software easily handles best-before and expiry dates and offers various picking strategies such as FIFO and FEFO, which are essential in the food sector.

Overall, PLG WMS E-Commerce offers a customized solution for grocery e-commerce by efficiently and reliably managing the complexity of logistics, resulting in improved processes, higher customer satisfaction and ultimately more success.

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Product highlights for e-commerce in the food retail sector:

  • Control of cardboard and pallet goods
  • Consideration of individual packs and packaging units
  • Flexible deposit management for different deposit types
  • Automatic routing system for optimal picking orders
  • Specialized shipping packaging for large, heavy & refrigerated items
  • Integration of same-day delivery
  • Competent handling of best-before dates and application of FIFO/FEFO
  • Storage area allocation e.g. refrigerated items in temperature-controlled storage locations

pLG TMS – a product of the pL Group

Freshness guaranteed

Our innovative pLG TMS has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the food and beverage industry. The Transport Management System offers you everything you need for seamless control and optimization of your supply chain. Avoid food waste and ensure complete traceability of your products.

pLG Bonsai coding management

Negotiations, conditions management, control & billing

Discover BONSAI, the innovative solution from the proLogistik Group that takes your supplier relationships to a new level. BONSAI supports you seamlessly in all areas of terms and conditions management, from efficient preparation for annual meetings to automated valuation and invoicing.

All the advantages for your industry at a glance

Optimized workflows in the building materials industry


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation


  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation

Especially for …

Tailor-made modules
Store connection

Our LVS pLG WMS E-Commerce integrates seamlessly with any store system, be it a single favorite store or several at the same time. Special interfaces enable problem-free connection to common stores and platforms, without differentiating between B2B and B2C stores and automatically checking the VAT ID.

Intelligent purchasing

Our warehouse logistics software pLG WMS E-Commerce suggests optimal purchase quantities per item based on order reservations, warehouse key figures and AI algorithms. It also selects the best supplier, taking into account price, shipping costs and delivery times, and monitors the execution of the order.


Fast shipping reduces returns. The pLG WMS e-commerce solution simplifies the returns process. With an enclosed returns label and easy access to the returns order, returned items are processed quickly and easily.


Our pLG WMS e-commerce software makes it easy to manage your payment options. It seamlessly synchronizes data from banks and payment providers. Thanks to payment reconciliation, bank statements are automatically linked to the correct orders, which enables prepayment orders to be released quickly. Other payments can be easily assigned to accounting accounts and exported as pre-assigned documents.

Order picking

Our pLG WMS e-commerce solution optimizes order picking by using the 3D model of the warehouse. It enables flexible splitting or grouping of orders and also supports order-related picking and just-in-time deliveries as well as direct shipping to end customers. Picking orders can be passed on to fulfillment service providers, while permanent inventory minimizes operational interruptions.


Our pLG WMS e-commerce software integrates a wide range of shipping service providers without additional third-party software. Each store can use unlimited shipping options from an unlimited number of service providers. The shipping types can change automatically between the first and subsequent shipments, including your own delivery fleet with efficient route planning.

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Tested and approved

Our Warehouse Management System

We have our pLG Warehouse Management System comprehensively tested and subsequently validated annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) as a constant quality control measure. As a result, we are certified annually as a provider in the IML’s Online Warehouse Logistics Portal.

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