Dortmund, 30.11.2023 – The proLogistik Group continues to expand. With the purchase of the warehouse management system (WMS) DILOS, the company is strengthening its position as a provider of warehouse management and transport management systems with integrated hardware in the DACH region. With this acquisition, proLogistik aims to bundle and deepen its know-how in the area of warehouse management. Customers of the proLogistik Group benefit from continuous further development of the product portfolio and a precisely coordinated overall package along the supply chain from a single source. With the integration into the proLogistik Group, the company offers both DILOS customers and the new employees further development opportunities for the future. Customers benefit from the extensive portfolio along the supply chain and the excellent service. “Employees can develop their skills in many areas of logistics and be part of the proLogistik family, which now comprises more than 700 employees. The special features of the DILOS solution will also be made available to all of the Group’s customers in future. These include, for examplefully integrated dangerous goods processing and an intelligent invoicing system for service providers. Customers will also be offered strategic further development in the future,” says Jörg Sänger, CEO of … Read more

Dortmund/Nantes, 26.10.2023 – The company DSIA from Nantes is already well known for software development in the logistics industry. With the Logistar Software Suite, it serves demanding industrial companies and retailers with high requirements such as the food industry, cosmetics or high-tech. With this takeover, the proLogistik Group is taking another major step towards internationalization on the market. The Group’s ambitious vision is to revolutionize the corporate supply chain management landscape, inspire new customers and set completely new industry standards – on an international scale. The expanded reach and market presence in France will enable the proLogistik Group to tap into new sectors and regions in the future. “We will leverage the synergies between our companies to develop new and innovative products that meet the ever-evolving needs of the supply chain industry. By combining our expertise, we will always stay one step ahead and deliver state-of-the-art solutions that increase efficiency, streamline processes and maximize customer satisfaction,” summarizes Jörg Sänger, Managing Director of the proLogistik Group. With the merger of the two companies, DSIA’s product portfolio will be fully integrated into the proLogistik Group. This includes the flagship Logistar warehouse management system, as well as transportation and order management systems. These … Read more

Dortmund, 12.10.2023 – The proLogistik Group, a leading provider of independent warehouse and transport management systems, services and integrated hardware in Europe, has been using Meisterplan since July 2022. By using the new project management tool, customers benefit from even better project management and more reliable planning. After a good year of use, the proLogistik Group is already represented as a best practice example at the Meisterplan Connect user meeting in Tübingen. Speaker Jochen Fischer, Senior Manager Project Management Office at proLogistik, talks about the individual requirements for a project management tool: more than 200 projects, 100 employees and nine teams have to be managed with the application at the software and hardware provider – and the trend is rising.Instead of individual Excel lists for project management team planning and a lot of verbal coordination, projects can be prioritized, capacities planned and reports created even more easily. Project managers can now see at a glance how far their task planning extends and when new tasks can be accepted.The second step was to plan an interface from the proLogistik Group’s Actricity ERP system to Meisterplan. After a successful test phase, the interface was activated in April 2023. As a result, the … Read more

Dortmund/Nuremberg, 08.08.2023 – The Nuremberg-based IT provider cargo support, which specializes in logistics software, is now part of the proLogistik Group. With its logistics software suite, the software and system house cargo support is aimed at service, industrial and trading companies that are primarily involved in the transportation of goods. “This strategic step opens up further growth potential for the proLogistik Group. With the solutions from cargo support, we are supplementing our portfolio in the Transportation division and underpinning our claim to offer top services along the entire supply chain. Our customers will now benefit more than ever from the combined expertise of leading logistics specialists,” says Jörg Sänger, CEO of the proLogistik Group. The range of logistics software from cargo support includes various solutions, for example the depot management software covers all areas of a container depot for full and empty containers as well as their interim storage. “The product range of the individual companies within the Group complements each other to a high degree. This allows us to offer our customers new solutions for an end-to-end optimized supply chain solution. With this in mind, we are very much looking forward to the upcoming collaboration,” emphasizes Volker Hasch, Managing … Read more

Premiere at proLogistik: Children’s Day took place for the first time on July 14 with a colorful supporting program. 17 children aged between two and 13 accompanied mom or dad to work and had a lot of fun together. After a short reception with juice and snacks, the children first explored the building with their parents and were allowed to take a look at the offices. During the tour, the table football in the kitchen was immediately taken up with enthusiasm. The rally through the company then started with four stations: In the hardware department, the children created their own name bracelets depending on their age or were allowed to take the screwdriver into their own hands by screwing on a PC cooling plate. This was particularly exciting for older kids. At the marketing department station, the girls and boys were able to get really creative by making their own buttons. They created colorful works of art such as rainbow, BVB and proLogistik buttons, which they were then allowed to assemble themselves. At the next station, the People and Culture team offered various team games, while at the fourth station, the children were able to watch a “cinema presentation” of … Read more

We held a small celebration to bid farewell to our dear colleague Thomas Buchmann on his well-deserved retirement. In his review of almost 35 years of service, CEO Jörg Sänger emphasized how important long-standing employees and their wealth of experience are for our company. His career at the former proLogistik GmbH + Co KG began on April 1, 1989 as a software developer and project manager. He was subsequently responsible for software development, production and support as head of the software department from December 1999 to October 2006. After the software department was split up, he most recently worked as Team Leader Software Support and also took on tasks relating to the Customer Service and Service Center department. After the integration of the system house pL-Co-Team, he was responsible for the system center as team leader. He was also responsible for technology partnerships (Base100, Oracle, IBM/Lenovo) including the associated contract and license management. As a specialist for database licensing and server solutions in consulting for IT platforms for warehouse management and control systems, he acted in the acquisition phase and in IT project management during their implementation. Thanks to his many years with the company, Thomas Buchmann was always a … Read more

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What makes my company more resilient to unforeseeable events such as pandemics and political confrontations? How can I keep a better eye on stocks and processes? You are probably asking yourself these and other questions and looking for solutions Modern warehouse management is not a panacea in the figurative sense. However, the use of warehouse management software is a major step towards achieving the ideal of future-proof warehouse management. What challenges are you facing? Even before the pandemic and the current global economic turmoil, many companies were already facing enormous challenges. Increasing globalization and fluctuations in demand must be balanced out, and the growing number of variants as well as production and logistics processes must be networked. This makes it all the more important to keep a complete overview of stocks With standardized warehouse management software that is perfectly tailored to your requirements, you minimize risks and benefit from optimized processes. You create end-to-end transparency, prevent overstocking and understocking thanks to online booking, always have an overview of the material flow and can plan your supply chain with foresight. At the same time, you relieve your employees of time-consuming walking routes and search processes, and paperless working minimizes errors. First … Read more

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There are many good reasons for optimal intralogistics. Find out here how the switch to a digitally managed warehouse works smoothly and how we can support you. How does the planning of digital intralogistics work? If you are considering this from your company’s individual perspective, it is advisable to answer a few key questions in advance: The results of the survey are initially incorporated into a specification sheet in more detail. You can make the circle of potential providers clearer or minimize it in advance, for example, by favoring only standard software and developers with a broad range of experience who can support you with their know-how in further planning. Tried-and-tested user interfaces and references as proof of widespread use are also indicators of guaranteed (software) quality. What are the opportunities and risks? The potential risks are offset by a wide range of benefits. It becomes problematic, for example, if the selected warehouse management system (WMS) turns out not to be tailor-made after implementation. After all, the WMS should adapt to your requirements and not your company to the installed software. Involving the workforce in processes If the targets defined and promised by the provider are not achieved, efficiency suffers … Read more

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Every kilowatt hour counts. Reducing electricity consumption as permanently as possible is not only a key to achieving the ambitious goals of the energy transition. Even in times of rising costs due to energy shortages and galloping inflation, it is important to save wherever possible! Our latest blog article shows why digitalization is THE solution and how you can use a warehouse management system (WMS) to directly influence the ecological footprint and operating costs of your warehouse. Do you know chess? The associated tactical requirement is to gradually put the opponent under pressure with strategically well-considered moves and ultimately bring them to their knees. In the context of the energy crisis, the chosen comparison is perhaps a little bold, but not entirely far-fetched. This is because a modern WMS provides you with numerous options for permanently monitoring and controlling warehouse parameters and components, as well as allocating resources in a sensible manner according to targets. Identify and analyze consumption-critical processes To achieve this, the points where energy consumption is highest must be localized in advance. Obvious “power guzzlers” can of course be found at hardware level. These can be storage and retrieval machines and conveyor technology. The building equipment is … Read more

Stabiler WLAN-Empfang für reibungslose Abläufe im Betrieb

Do you have optimum WLAN reception throughout the company? Imagine you are in the warehouse and are looking for an item. You want to check the position of the item on an MDE device, but the device does not have WLAN and therefore you cannot check the item. And now? You walk around the warehouse with the device and search for WLAN reception. That doesn’t have to be the case! We analyze your business and ask you important questions such as: We work with you to determine your needs and examine your specific requirements and offer the optimum WLAN coverage for your business premises. Find out more now.

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