As part of a small celebration, we said goodbye to our dear colleague Thomas Buchmann in his well-deserved retirement. Looking back on almost 35 years of service, CEO Jörg Sänger emphasized how important long-standing employees and their wealth of experience are for our company. His path at what was then proLogistik GmbH + Co KG began on April 1, 1989 as a software developer and project manager. From December 1999 to October 2006 he was head of the software department responsible for software development, production and support. After splitting up the software department, he was most recently the team leader for software support and also took on tasks relating to the Customer Service and Service Center departments. After the integration of the system house pL-Co-Team he was responsible for the system center as team leader. At the same time, he was responsible for technology partnerships (Base100, Oracle, IBM/Lenovo) including the associated contract and license management. As a specialist for database licensing and server solutions in advising on IT platforms for warehouse management and control systems, he acted in the acquisition phase and in IT project management during implementation. Thanks to his many years of service to the company, Thomas Buchmann … Read more

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What makes my company more resilient to unpredictable events like pandemics and political confrontations? How do I keep a better eye on inventories and processes? You must be asking yourself these and other questions and looking for solutions Modern warehouse management is not a panacea in the figurative sense. However, the use of warehouse management software is a big step towards getting closer to the ideal of future-proof warehouse management. What challenges do you face? Even before the pandemic and the current global economic upheavals, many companies were facing enormous challenges. Increasing globalization as well as fluctuations in demand must be balanced, the increasing diversity of variants as well as manufacturing and logistics processes must be interlinked. This makes it all the more important to have a complete overview of the stocks With standardized warehouse management software that is at the same time perfectly adapted to your requirements, you minimize risks and benefit from optimized processes. You create transparency throughout, prevent over- and understocking thanks to online booking, always have an overview of the material flow and can plan your supply chain with foresight. At the same time, you relieve your employees of time-consuming walking and searching processes and the … Read more

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There are many good reasons for optimal intralogistics. Find out here how the conversion to a digitally managed warehouse works smoothly and how we support you in this process. How does the planning of digital intralogistics work? If you are considering this from your company-specific perspective, it is advisable to answer a few key questions in advance: The results resulting from the response are initially incorporated into a specification sheet in further detail. You can make the circle of potential providers clearer or minimize it in advance, for example, by favoring only standard software and developers with a broad range of experience who can support you with their know-how during further planning. Field-tested user interfaces as well as references as proof of widespread use are also indications of guaranteed (software) quality. What are the opportunities and risks? The potential risks are offset by a wide range of benefits. It becomes problematic, for example, if the selected warehouse management system (WMS) turns out not to be tailor-made after implementation. After all, the WMS should adapt to your requirements, not your company to the installed software. Involving the workforce in the processes If the targets defined and promised by the provider are … Read more

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Every kilowatt hour counts. Reducing electricity consumption as permanently as possible is not only a key to achieving the ambitious goals of the energy transition. Even in times of rising costs due to energy shortages and galloping inflation, the following applies: Save wherever possible! Our latest blog article shows why digitization is THE solution and how you can directly influence your warehouse’s environmental footprint and operating costs with the help of a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Do you know chess? The associated tactical requirement is to bring the opponent successively into distress with strategically well-considered moves and ultimately to bring him to his knees. In the context of the energy crisis, the chosen comparison in approach is perhaps a bit bold, but not so far-fetched after all. This is because a modern WMS gives you numerous options for permanently monitoring parameters and components of a warehouse, controlling them in a controlled manner, and also distributing resources sensibly according to target specifications. Identify and analyze consumption-critical processes To achieve this, it is necessary to localize in advance those places where energy consumption is highest. Obvious “power guzzlers” are of course found on the hardware level. This can be stacker cranes and … Read more

Stabiler WLAN-Empfang für reibungslose Abläufe im Betrieb

Do you have optimal WLAN reception throughout the company? Imagine you are in the warehouse looking for an item. You want to check the position of the item on a MDE device, but the device does not have WLAN and so you cannot check the item. And now? You walk around the warehouse with the device and look for WLAN reception. This does not have to be! We analyze your operation and ask you important questions such as: Together with you, we determine your needs and examine your special requirements and offer the optimal WLAN supply for your company premises. Find out now.

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What is the task of a well-functioning warehouse management system? The tasks of a warehouse management is quickly and easily explained: “The right stock in the right quantity at the right time in the right place!” A well-functioning inventory management software has many useful features as well as informative KPIs so that you can plan your assortment by season, etc. Other tasks of a warehouse management: Electronic warehouse processes Online databases, worklist for maximum availability Warehouse organization Efficiency increase and cost optimization With the LOGIS MOVE warehouse management software, all process steps are specified and measured. This sustainably increases efficiency in warehouse management and significantly reduces costs. With the information available, the following goals can be achieved: Do you have further questions about the tasks of a warehouse management?

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Control and manage your warehouse inventory with the latest generation warehouse logistics software. Which warehouse logistics software for my company? The huge advantage of proLogistik Group is that we can offer you 5 different warehouse logistics systems. Of course, in several discussions and a visit to your site, the right warehouse logistics software for you will be determined. Whichever warehouse logistics software you choose, you will notice the following benefits immediately after implementation: Could we convince you? We are looking forward to your message.

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What is a warehouse management system? Simply explained: With a modern warehouse management you manage your goods in the warehouse. Moreover, you have the quantity, the value and the storage location of the goods in view at all times. Thus, with an efficient warehouse management, the inventory management is managed and organized. In order to digitize warehouse processes smoothly and cost-effectively, sustainable and release-capable warehouse management software is required. The main task of a warehouse management: to manage the goods during storage. With the right warehouse management software, you can manage your warehouse management with little effort. Since Dataphone is a member of the proLogistik Group, we can offer you various warehouse management systems. Depending on the industry your company is in and your warehouse management needs, we can recommend the perfect intralogistics solution. Another advantage of the proLogistik Group is that we can also present you with the right hardware for your warehouse management. Warehouse management from a single source As a result, you have one contact person for all your warehouse management. Remember, your warehouse management, like your employees:inside, should be the be-all and end-all of your business! Do not hesitate and contact us today: We are … Read more


Label Printer – But which one is the best for my industry? With a powerful label and receipt printer, you can label your products quickly and easily. Label devices can be small, handy and mobile, making them perfect for office, commercial and freezer use and can be used at temperatures as low as -30 ° C. But also larger label printers, which are permanently mounted on a workstation, are often used in production, logistics and retail and support the employees in their daily work. Likewise, you can get printers from us where you can print receipts on the go, or track items measurably using labels by printing a barcode / QR code. We have all label printers Whether label printer with colored or with black tape – Together with our partners of the proLogistik Group we can offer you a variety of label printers! Also with these products you get an all-round carefree package! Interested? We look forward to hearing from you:

Erklärung ABC- und XYZ-Analyse

What is the ABC and XYZ analysis? Do you know what ABC analysis is used for in the warehouse? The ABC analysis helps the warehouse clerk to prioritize items and customers, for example. These are sorted and classified according to individual needs. Depending on the access frequency, the storage of the goods is characterized by short access routes and easy accessibility. In this way, uneconomical work processes can be minimized and profitable fields can be focused on. ABC analysis is included as standard in the WMS systems of our partners in the proLogistik Group. For further details, please contact our experts.

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