Legally compliant & audit-proof storage of electronic data

pLG Document management

Secure document management – online and offline

On-demand solution for storing electronic data

From timely storage and retention to the convenient search function, the pLG DMS covers all archiving steps. Protected access to the data is possible at any time via the Internet.

  • Quick access to all data and documents – online, offline and via mobile devices
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Maximum security for your data
  • Many interfaces to standard applications
  • Complete logging of access to the system
  • Desktop integration for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook


  • Central digital archive for all your business documents
  • User authorization concept
  • Archiving countless documents with optimum performance
  • Integrated, certified signature and verification service
  • Audit and tax administration-compliant archiving
  • On-demand solution that you can obtain quickly and easily via the Internet
  • Product as Software as a Service
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More details on document management

With pLG document management, you can store all your business documents in digital form in a central archive. Your data is stored in the proLogistik Group data center under the highest security conditions. You have fast, secure access to your data at all times via the Internet. It doesn’t matter how many documents you archive or access at the same time, the performance always remains at the highest level.

The documents are managed and protected by a user authorization concept so that only authorized persons have access to a document. A document can be accessed both from a desktop PC and from a mobile device. The archiving of data and documents fulfills all current auditing and tax law requirements.

The pLG DMS is an on-demand solution that can be obtained quickly and easily via the Internet. The product is available as Software as a Service, so your software is always up to date.

Access your documents anytime and anywhere

You have quick access to your data stored centrally in the pLG data center via the Internet. This means you can access your data and documents even with your mobile devices. The software saves your most important documents so that you can access them securely even when you are offline.

Simple, easy to use

The user interface of the pLG DMS has been designed to be so simple and intuitive that any user can operate the software without any prior knowledge or training. A clear presentation of data and documents and simple menu navigation make the software child’s play to use. The ability to integrate into familiar environments such as Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook makes archiving documents even easier.

Maximum security for your documents

Your data and documents are stored centrally in the pLG data centers of the highest security level and transmitted to you via encrypted channels. Thanks to the special user authorization concept, only those who are allowed to have access to your data and documents have access to them.

Many interfaces, many formats, many possibilities

Documents are created in a wide variety of applications and systems and are available in a wide variety of formats. The pLG-DMS provides a large number of standard interfaces to known systems. Documents can be archived in almost all known formats.

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