Erfolgsgeschichte der Lagerverwaltungssoftware bei Logis Move

From paper to digital intralogistics in just six months Sideshore AG is a young, dynamic company in Wolfhausen (Canton of Zurich), which has been successfully active in sports wholesale since 2006. As an exclusive Swiss importer and retailer, Sideshore sells trendy sports equipment and apparel from numerous manufacturers and brands. At the Wolfhausen site, approximately 14 employees store up to 10,000 different articles and process an average of 40 to 50 customer orders per day. Looking back at the time without a digital warehouse management Since the company was founded, the company and the variety of articles have grown considerably. Before digitization with the LOGIS MOVE warehouse management software, the warehouse extended over two parts of the building, each with two levels, where the ordered items were picked according to customer specifications. The employees had to travel long distances and were only supported to a limited extent by the ERP system. This led to inefficiencies and errors within the logistics processes, as no warehouse management software and no MDE devices were in use until then. Criteria which were important to Sideshore AG for the commissioning of a digital intralogistics system – including consideration of the strategic goals with regard to … Read more


With the latest release update of the warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE, Volg Konsumwaren AG starts into a new intralogistics era. Volg is the specialist for village stores in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. Volg Konsumwaren AG is part of the fenaco cooperative, which was founded in 1993 by the merger of six agricultural cooperative associations and, as the marketing partner of farmers, ensures that Swiss food reaches customers. Volg Konsumwaren AG supplies around 930 small-scale food outlets, including around 600 Volg stores. Since 2005, Volg has relied on warehouse management software from Dataphone AG In order to continue to meet the constantly growing demands of the market in terms of intralogistics, Volg opted for the release update – the latest warehouse management software version LOGIS MOVE. “fresh and flush” – this motto still applied after an intensive rollout night The “Release Update at Volg” project started at noon on a Friday and ended the following Monday. Thanks to a flawless planning phase and a careful testing phase, the release update was implemented error-free within just one night. Mega rollout in parallel in three distribution centers and six areas The LOGIS MOVE warehouse management system was put into operation simultaneously at … Read more

pL-Store® als umfassende und effiziente Lösung für alle Branchen

In intralogistics, WMS solutions impress with quality and a range of functions perfectly tailored to specific needs. Modern warehouse management systems (WMS), such as pL-Store®, offer sufficient flexibility to integrate new processes that allow companies to respond to market changes. pL-Store®, the comprehensive software solution for warehouse management and material flow control, is suitable for any industry and directs all processes from goods receipt to forklift control and picking to goods issue in clearly structured, efficient ways. The modular pL-Store® WMS also has a high degree of individualization and is constantly being further developed in consideration of specific customer requirements. The WMS solutions “Foodline” for the food industry and “Techline”, which covers the sanitary, building materials and technical wholesale trade, have been developed from decades of experience and cooperation with well-known companies. The special feature of this is that, in addition to standard modules of general relevance to logistics, the warehouse management software also already covers a large number of additional modules in the standard version, which are of particular importance for these industries and no longer need to be extensively reprogrammed. When introducing a WMS solution, it is advisable to carry out a precise survey of the current status … Read more

Mit optimierten Prozessen sicher in die Zukunft

More and more companies want and need to optimize their intralogistics in order to serve their customers quickly and sustainably. The Dortmund-based proLogistik Group is the German market leader with its warehouse management software and specially developed industrial PCs. Together with the Swiss companies Dataphone and Xelog, it is now setting its sights on the European market. Today, we can only smile about the fact that in the past, we were not allowed to know or did not want to know exactly what was actually happening behind the company walls in order to somehow get a grip on all the workflows, storage and delivery processes. Slips of paper, paper clips and phrases like “I think we have three left, I’ll take a look later” are a thing of the past. Digitization, e-commerce and sustainability debates ensure that lean, efficient and optimally controllable intralogistics not only bring competitive advantages but, on the contrary, keep companies alive in the long and medium term in the first place. Worldwide competence The Dortmund-based proLogistik Group has become Germany’s leading logistics consultant with its wide range of warehouse management software and computers and services developed specifically for the industry. Heilbronn-based LogiSoft-S GmbH has also been … Read more

Effizienzsteigerung mit pl-Store

With the surge in online orders since the outbreak of the pandemic, peaks are a daily occurrence for many retailers. The booster for successful fulfillment is a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that keeps inventories online and continuously adapts processes to the current order volume. As the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh) has determined, the industry will record consolidated growth of 23.2 percent in the first half of 2021. This corresponds to a goods value of around 45.2 billion euros. Whether this figure will weaken again following the relaxations in stationary retailing remains questionable. This is because people have come to appreciate the convenience of online shopping around the clock. It is not only companies that have not used this sales channel to date that are being called upon to set up store systems on the Internet or with providers such as Amazon & Co. At the same time, existing logistics structures must be aligned with the new multi-channel purchasing reality, which requires high availability of goods and short delivery times, and optimized in terms of efficiency. These challenges can only be mastered with the help of a high-performance warehouse management system (WMS) that seamlessly maps the specifics … Read more

WMS-optimierte Automatische Kleinteilelager für maximale Leistung

AutoStore continues to gain ground. There are good reasons for this. However, the full potential of the system can only be tapped with custom-fit integration software. Automatic small parts warehouses (AS/RS) are proven classics of intralogistics. Depending on the requirements profile, the system is operated by stacker cranes, shuttles or robots as in the AutoStore system. The latter travel in an aisleless aluminum structure, stacking the totes directly on top of each other and making them available for picking just-in-time. The advantages are thus practically obvious: In particular, a low space requirement in conjunction with a high storage density as well as flexibility and scalability speak for the robot-based order fulfillment solution of the Norwegian manufacturer. But the achievable performance in terms of throughput and productivity is also a decisive argument for using AutoStore as an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS). In addition, the possibility of automated, order-related pre-consolidation is convincing – even at night if required. Efficiently organize and control automated warehouses However, the desired performance potential of AutoStore can only be exploited by using an intelligent Warehouse Management System (WMS), which integrates the system into the overall warehouse process and controls it on a daily basis based on … Read more

Erfolgsgeschichte der Lagerverwaltungssoftware bei Logis Move

Smooth changeover: From paper picking to modern warehouse management software within one weekend – thanks to the use of the standard functionality of LOGIS MOVE Until Thursday evening, Ritter Products AG and its sister company Rigaflex AG exclusively used paper for order picking. Already on Sunday, after a complete inventory, the commissioning of the warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE could be completed successfully and smoothly. Fast, efficient and reliable warehouse management software After comprehensive training of the employees, all processes were run through in the test system and rehearsed for live operation. Thus, the warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE could already be put into operation for day-to-day business on Monday. From kick-off to commissioning in just 4 months The modernization through the standardized warehouse management system LOGIS MOVE was successfully implemented within only 4 months. About Ritter Products AG and Rigaflex AG Ritter Products AG, based in Erlinsbach (Canton Solothurn), operates its own logistics platform with over 6,000 pallet spaces together with its sister company Rigaflex AG. Ritter Products offers a wide range of products from Home Living & Utility, Garden & Do it as well as the corresponding services. The assortment of the company Rigaflex AG consists of gastronomy … Read more

Bio Partner Schweiz AG setzt weiterhin auf das erfolgreiche WMS LOGIS MOVE von Dataphone AG

With the latest release of its Warehouse Management System (WMS) LOGIS, Bio Partner Schweiz AG relies on a sustainable and future-proof software of the latest generation. Dataphone AG’s WMS LOGIS has already been in use at Bio Partner Schweiz AG since 2013. After 7 years of close cooperation, the leading organic retailer decides to continue the successful partnership and use the latest software architecture. Bio Partner is the leading service provider and wholesaler in the Swiss organic market. It advocates for strong individual organic retailers. Under the motto “fresh, personal, in partnership”, around 300 employees serve customers in the organic trade, retail trade, gastronomy and processing industry with a full range of organic products and services. Bio Partner operates sites in Seon (AG) and Saint-Blaise (NE) and has its own fleet of trucks. To ensure that all customer segments receive fresh and punctual deliveries of the more than 10,000 items ranging from fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, pasta and beverages to natural cosmetics and raw materials for the processing industry, a modern, stable and reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS) such as LOGIS from Dataphone AG is required. Increasing efficiency with the latest Warehouse Management System The process workshops, … Read more

Baustoffgroßhändler setzt auf die Chancen der Digitalisierung für Wachstum

Digitalization is changing the way we live and the way we work – massively. The building materials trade cannot ignore this development. However, processes in this industry in particular are still extremely traditional, especially in the area of intralogistics. But the pressure to act is growing and is being further intensified by the flourishing e-commerce business. However, initial initiatives to initiate the necessary structural change are already having an impact. This is clearly illustrated by the example of two retail companies that have decided to introduce warehouse management software (WMS) and have thus set a central course for the future. The conveniences of e-commerce have spawned a new guild of builders. These people, as well as do-it-yourselfers, are increasingly researching products and prices on the Internet. But it usually doesn’t stop there; purchases are also increasingly being made online. The change in procurement behavior also poses new challenges for traditional building materials distributors. Although these often use enterprise resource planning systems, their basic functions generally support more administrative processes, such as the creation of delivery bills and invoices. The ability to provide information to the customer, who likes to check availability in a matter of seconds on the Internet, is … Read more

Lagerverwaltungslösung bringt die Digitalisierung in Ihre Kontraktlogistik und Branche.

Are you a contract logistics specialist? Would you like to digitalize your warehouse logistics and simplify your processes and make them more efficient? Then we have the right solution for you. With its integrated service provider module, our warehouse management software pL-Store® offers flexible warehouse management for your service as well as various connection options to diverse merchandise management and control systems. Complex supply chain processes and a growing increase in e-commerce mean that you, as a contract logistics provider, are facing ever greater challenges. As the interface between the sender and the recipient, you must be flexible enough to adapt to new circumstances at any time and adjust your processes to suit the customer. We simplify your intralogistics with our industry solution for the logistics service provider. Our integrated service provider module is specially tailored to logistics service providers, freight forwarders and warehouses. This allows you to manually enter orders to enable flexible client management. Other functions such as stock money calculation and packaging are also included. For the optimal management and picking of the quantities of goods stored and to meet the ever-increasing demands of clients. Benefit from the versatile advantages of our service provider module:

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