pLG conditions management BONSAI

Conditions management & bonus settlement with “BONSAI”

Optimal cooperation of suppliers & dealers with BONSAI

Optimize your supplier-retailer relationship with BONSAI, an efficient system from the proLogistik Group for negotiating, managing, controlling and invoicing conditions. From targeted preparation for annual meetings to automated valuation and invoicing, BONSAI offers a sophisticated solution for transparent and strategic terms management.

The cloud feature also gives you full control and the full level of detail of your data.

  • Cross-industry solution
  • No system breaks
  • Annual accounts in record time
  • Seamless IT system integration
  • International conditions management
  • Optimal bonus settlement


  • Planning and negotiating conditions and bonuses
  • Management of the agreements
  • Settlement of conditions
  • Controlling
  • Included supplier portal
  • Simple integration with IT systems
Invoiced purchase turnover
active in countries
BONSAI experts in action

to the pLG conditions management “BONSAI”

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Maximize your negotiation success: BONSAI offers comprehensive support in the planning and negotiation phase. Structured evaluations with current figures are used to prepare supplier negotiations. The simulation of the conditions structure enables the adjustment of conditions and sales. Efficient management of agreements is facilitated by the structured recording and automatic calculation of all conditions. The system documents the implementation of advertising measures and automatically triggers billing at predetermined prices. Complex organizational processes are efficiently optimized with comprehensive workflow support.

The collection of sales data facilitates comprehensive monitoring and control from all sources. An integrated, digital solution for supplier notifications is provided via the partner portal. The reporting covers the entire process and includes aspects such as scale achievement, total income from conditions and a precise net-net item price calculation for transparent purchase prices and correct trade margins.

BONSAI automates the calculation and billing of all due conditions by creating invoices or debit notes for suppliers and highly automating the billing process. Thanks to standardized interfaces in the ERP/financial accounting system, BONSAI offers seamless integration for supplier master data, branches, article master data and sales data. The BONSAI Partner Portal enables secure, efficient data exchange and integrates the contract acceptance process from creation to archiving. The BONSAI Cloud provides an optimal operating environment, ensures permanent availability and is managed by experts.

BONSAI: unbeatable across all sectors


BONSAI has established itself internationally and across industries as a successful solution. With over 30 years of expertise in the retail sector, we have successfully carried out installations for a variety of groups, purchasing associations, leading corporations and franchise organizations from various industries.

BONSAI integrates effortlessly with SAP, DATEV, SEPA and many other systems

Seamless IT system integration

With the ability to integrate flexibly into existing system landscapes, our service offers a customized solution that fits seamlessly into your established processes. From SAP and HubSpot to Datex, SEPA and a variety of other systems, we enable seamless connections to create a holistic and efficient IT infrastructure.

Annual settlement of your conditions in record time

Accelerate accounting periods

With BONSAI, the workload for billing is not only reduced by an outstanding degree of automation, but above all accelerated – for more efficient and faster settlement processes in your company.

International conditions management

Get an easy overview

BONSAI facilitates the group-wide consolidation of purchasing sales and conditions through its module for international agreement and settlement management.

An opinion about pLG conditions management “Bonsai”

Mr. Alexander Grosse, Project Coordinator at MBS Baumarkt Service GmbH “BONSAI has led to a significant reduction in workload, so that our employees can now take care of the essential things.”

Rossmann relies on automated bonus accounting and price calculation

Dirk Rossmann GmbH, Germany’s second largest drugstore chain, has successfully switched to the innovative BONSAI software. This solution enables transparent net-net article price calculation as well as seamless, audit-proof accounting of purchasing conditions and bonus payments. BONSAI’s flexibility and rapid implementation met Rossmann’s requirements to their complete satisfaction. Since 2018, the company has been using the “all-in-one” solution for efficient terms and conditions management, bonus accounting and contract management.

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