proLogistik masters customer projects with the Meisterplan project management tool

Dortmund, 12.10.2023 – The proLogistik Group, a leading provider of independent warehouse and transport management systems, services and integrated hardware in Europe, has been using Meisterplan since July 2022. By using the new project management tool, customers benefit from even better project management and more reliable planning.

After a good year of use, the proLogistik Group is already represented as a best practice example at the Meisterplan Connect user meeting in Tübingen. Speaker Jochen Fischer, Senior Manager Project Management Office at proLogistik, talks about the individual requirements for a project management tool: more than 200 projects, 100 employees and nine teams have to be managed with the application at the software and hardware provider – and the trend is rising.
Instead of individual Excel lists for project management team planning and a lot of verbal coordination, projects can be prioritized, capacities planned and reports created even more easily.

  • Networked view of the project teams
  • Optimized project management
  • Transparent presentation of projects, capacities and budgets
  • Planning security
  • Transparency of the capacity utilization situation
  • Appropriate personnel deployment planning
  • Fast response to sales inquiries
  • Better coordination with sales

Project managers can now see at a glance how far their task planning extends and when new tasks can be accepted.
The second step was to plan an interface from the proLogistik Group’s Actricity ERP system to Meisterplan. After a successful test phase, the interface was activated in April 2023. As a result, the teams now benefit from daily updated values relating to orders, projects and employees. This provides significantly improved information regarding capacity utilization and the implementation of upcoming projects.

“In the future, we will also have the interface from Meisterplan to our ERP system created for the plan values in the projects. This will eliminate the need for manual maintenance by the project managers in connection with project controlling in the ERP,” says Jochen Fischer from the proLogistik Group.

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