Radiant children’s eyes at Children’s Day

Premiere at proLogistik: on 14 July the Children’s Day with a colourful supporting programme took place for the first time. Seventeen children aged two to 13 accompanied mum or dad to work and had a lot of fun together.

After a short reception with juice and snacks, the children first explored the house with their parents and were allowed to look at the offices. During the tour, the kicker in the kitchen was seized with enthusiasm. Afterwards, the rally by the company started with four stops:
In the hardware department, the children made their own name bracelets, depending on their age, or were allowed to use the screwdriver themselves by screwing on a PC cooling plate. This was especially exciting for older kids. At the station of the marketing department, the girls and boys were able to get really creative when creating their own buttons. Colorful works of art were created such as rainbow, BVB and proLogistik buttons which were then also allowed to be put together themselves. At the next station, the People and Culture team offered various team games, while at the fourth station the children could watch a “cinema presentation” of the children’s knowledge program “Checkerwelt”. The supermarket check showed how logistics works in a child-friendly way and also the proLogistik warehouse software pL-Store had a short appearance.
The idea of showing the children where their parents work was generally well received. Not least because a large bouncy castle was waiting outside and an ice cream truck provided refreshment. The eventful morning ended with a joint lunch with pizza, pasta and salad. Both children and adults agreed: we absolutely have to repeat this again, because it was a great day!

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