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There are many good reasons for optimal intralogistics. Find out here how the switch to a digitally managed warehouse works smoothly and how we can support you.

How does the planning of digital intralogistics work?

If you are considering this from your company’s individual perspective, it is advisable to answer a few key questions in advance:

  • What strategic goals should be achieved by introducing digital intralogistics?
  • Which processes need to be mapped currently and possibly in the future?
  • Which technologies should be used now and, if applicable, in the future?
  • What adjustments to the process organization are likely to be necessary?
  • And last but not least: What requirements do you place on your software supplier?

The results of the survey are initially incorporated into a specification sheet in more detail.

You can make the circle of potential providers clearer or minimize it in advance, for example, by favoring only standard software and developers with a broad range of experience who can support you with their know-how in further planning. Tried-and-tested user interfaces and references as proof of widespread use are also indicators of guaranteed (software) quality.

What are the opportunities and risks?

The potential risks are offset by a wide range of benefits. It becomes problematic, for example, if the selected warehouse management system (WMS) turns out not to be tailor-made after implementation. After all, the WMS should adapt to your requirements and not your company to the installed software.

Involving the workforce in processes

If the targets defined and promised by the provider are not achieved, efficiency suffers above all and costly readjustments are sometimes necessary. It can also happen that the innovation is received with skepticism by the workforce. Experienced WMS providers counteract this with a sophisticated training concept for key users. The early involvement of these key people in decision-making processes, for example in the design of warehouse processes and/or the selection of suitable hardware, also promotes acceptance. The appreciation shown by management in this way increases employees’ identification with the company and its strategic goals. This in turn increases the motivation and productive performance of each individual.

What are the advantages of digital intralogistics?

The benefits of a digital WMS include increased transparency, improved performance, shorter throughput times, secure serial number management and 100% inventory security throughout, as every online booking is logged without gaps.

Paperless intralogistics

The work is paperless, so there are far fewer errors. Resources can be allocated in a targeted manner and priorities in order processing can be taken into account automatically. It has also been shown – and this is particularly relevant in times of crisis – that companies that already rely on WMS-supported digitalization are more resilient, i.e. more resistant and therefore more powerful. They can react much more flexibly to fluctuations in demand and adapt their processes much more quickly to new circumstances.

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