Webinar: The future of terms and conditions management with BONSAI – 15.02.2024

Do you have complex condition models and a lot of bonus statements on your desk and don’t know how to keep track of them?

BONSAI is a flexible and modular software solution for optimizing condition management. Thanks to BONSAI’s simple and user-friendly operation, you can carry out your billing quickly and efficiently.

Get to know our new partner, IBB Adaptive Solutions GmbH, with its software solution for optimized terms and conditions management BONSAI. With this expansion of our product portfolio within the proLogistik Group, we are rounding off our “Software Solutions” division with the “Finance” division. As our customer, you are cordially invited to our free webinar.

Main functions of BONSAI:

  • Management of subsequent remunerations and immediate discounts
  • Increase in earnings and structuring of the conditions system
  • More transparency in purchasing
  • Seamless recording of all subsequent remuneration
  • Evaluation of conditions during the year for target/actual comparison
  • Mapping of complex condition structures in an integrated system
  • Billing and distribution directly from the system, including document creation and posting of income
  • Correct tax treatment of all remuneration
  • Flexible integration into the existing system landscape with all common ERP and accounting systems

To find out more about BONSAI and the benefits for your company, we invite you to our webinar.

DateWednesday, February 15, 2024
Time10:00 am to approx. 10:45 am

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