Make your contract logistics digital! With our warehouse management solution for your industry

Are you a contract logistics specialist? Would you like to digitalize your warehouse logistics and simplify your processes and make them more efficient? Then we have the right solution for you. With its integrated service provider module, our warehouse management software pL-Store® offers flexible warehouse management for your service as well as various connection options to diverse merchandise management and control systems.

Complex supply chain processes and a growing increase in e-commerce mean that you, as a contract logistics provider, are facing ever greater challenges. As the interface between the sender and the recipient, you must be flexible enough to adapt to new circumstances at any time and adjust your processes to suit the customer. We simplify your intralogistics with our industry solution for the logistics service provider.

Our integrated service provider module is specially tailored to logistics service providers, freight forwarders and warehouses. This allows you to manually enter orders to enable flexible client management. Other functions such as stock money calculation and packaging are also included. For the optimal management and picking of the quantities of goods stored and to meet the ever-increasing demands of clients.

Benefit from the versatile advantages of our service provider module:

  • Warehouse management system pL-Store® with many configuration options
  • Can be used autonomously without ERP
  • Manual data entry dialogs (article master, orders, orders)
  • Standard interface to various ERP and subsystems
  • Data transfer via CSV import possible
  • External client access (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Client management
  • Stock money module with client-related accounting (rent, insurance, special processes)
  • Dock & Floor Management
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