Logistics consulting by proLogistik – we put your processes to the test!

Have your logistics processes grown over the years? Do you want to reduce your lead times and lower storage costs? The answer is provided by logistics consulting tailored to your needs. Particularly in the Corona crisis, efficient logistics are enormously important to prevent supply bottlenecks and maintain supply chains. Our logistics experts put your logistics processes to the test – detached from our warehouse management software. We analyze your processes, take a close look at your structures and provide a logistics concept according to your needs.

What can you expect from our logistics consulting?

Our team is available to advise you before, during and after the project phase. Even before the start of the project, we conduct an ACTUAL analysis of your warehouse and provide optimization proposals for your logistics processes. Sustainable and future-oriented.

Location analysis: Not every location is equally suitable for every company. Depending on the industry and structure, other criteria must be taken into account. As part of logistics planning, we examine for you how procurement, production and distribution can be efficiently linked at the site.

Warehouse and layout planning: Which warehouse structure makes sense to enable optimal use of the warehouse? We get to the bottom of this question and take into account your location factors and strategic business objectives.

Material flow planning: Within the framework of material flow planning, we analyze your operational areas, from incoming goods to outgoing goods. Our team will be happy to support you in every step of material flow optimization. Thus, with our help, you ensure optimal utilization of your production.

Automation system planning: An automated warehouse reduces sources of error and ensures greater efficiency and lower costs. Are you asking yourself in which processes and tasks automation would make sense? During the consultation, we include your industry-specific factors and are at your side.

Tendering, awarding, acceptance: Various trades within the scope of logistics consulting should be comprehensively analyzed, evaluated and coordinated. We will be happy to do this for you.

Functional and performance tests: Before the systems go into normal operation, functional and performance tests are on the agenda. Is everything going as planned? Does everything control smoothly and is stable? We are also there for you after the project has been completed.

With us, you will not only experience pure consulting, but you will also receive the offer for the solution right away. Get to know us!

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