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Every second counts when picking – what are the advantages of picking gloves?

The smart wearables from ProGlove are designed for use in industrial environments and are used in manufacturing, production, logistics and retail in particular. In many companies, employees use technology to complete work orders or document process steps, for example. The smart wearables from ProGlove are another way to work hands-free, more efficiently, ergonomically and safely. Employees can conveniently initiate the scanning process and do not have to search for the scanner.

How do scan gloves work?

Thanks to data transmission at 868 megahertz via an access point and Bluetooth Low Energy, connecting the Plug & Play device to the company network is extremely easy to implement. In combination with tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, employees can work hands-free and without being tied to a station. The 1D and 2D barcode engine is fast and precise. Depending on the application scenario and scan volume, up to 6,000 scans can be performed with one module. The scanning range of up to 150 cm makes the ProGlove glove an ideal scanner for picking applications. With Instant Worker Feedback, employees receive visual, haptic and acoustic feedback after the scan. This can report errors, for example, but also indicate prioritized shipments.

More efficiency, quality and process reliability

The smart wearables from ProGlove save up to 4 seconds per scan compared to standard scanners. If you assume that hundreds or even thousands of employees often scan several thousand times per shift, this adds up to a considerable volume.

Dataphone AG is a ProGlove Gold Partner

Dataphone AG’s software and hardware team has over 30 years of experience in the development of retail, warehousing and transportation solutions and serves customers worldwide with hardware, apps and automated supply chain management systems.

With the smart wearables from ProGlove, we have a competent partner for portable barcode scanners in our range. ProGlove recognized the trend towards intelligent wearables early on and was named “Start-up of the Year” by the IFOY and won the Automotive Logistics Award in 2019.

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