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Would you like to find out in advance about the versatile possibilities of the Warehouse Management System from pLG WMS? No problem – with our intralogistics 360-degree warehouse tour, you can move through our warehouse at your leisure and gain a detailed impression of our WMS pLG WMS.

By the way: If you want, you can of course also get detailed information without the Intralogistics 360° virtual warehouse tour. We have briefly summarized the most important information for you for all important points. And if you still have questions, just contact us. We will be glad if we can be of further assistance to you.

Lager von Hammer von außen

Exterior view intralogistics warehouse – facts & figures

LCE – Logistics Campus Eschweiler

Since 1983, proLogistik has been implementing innovative software and hardware solutions for intralogistics. Today, around 200 employees work in the company’s development, production and service departments.

LCE – Logistics Campus Eschweiler

The Hammer-Group is a symbiosis of logistics companies and related industries with headquarters in Aachen. The Group has access to 350 vehicles, employs 700 people and generates sales of €135 million a year.

The range of services is all-encompassing and extends from customized national and European overland transports based on the company’s own ultra-modern fleet of vehicles, to air and sea transports with our own bonded warehouse, fully monitored security transports, special silo and bulk goods transports, heavy and plant transports as well as special Eastern European transports.

LCE – Logistics Campus Eschweiler

The logistics campus Eschweiler of Hammer GmbH & Co. KG is located on more than 105,000 square meters, centrally located with direct access to the A4 motorway.

  • Property: 186.000 sqm
  • Useful area: 104,000 sqm
  • Floor area: 93,489 sqm
  • Mezzanine: 9,876 sqm
  • Offices and social areas: 1,789 sqm
  • Employees (planned): 350

proLogistik controls intralogistics with the Warehouse Management Systems pLG WMS the warehouse logistics in the logistics center at the Eschweiler campus. Since then, Hammer has been able to implement any customer requirements with full flexibility.

Übersicht eines Teiles der Halle

Hall overview

Intralogistics hall overview

Three different approaches:

  • Direct outsourcing
  • Value Added Services
  • Automatic small parts warehouse
Vereinfachte Intralogistik beim Wareneingang

Goods receipt

Operation: Station 1 for direct retrieval, value-added services and automated small parts warehouse

The Intralogistics Warehouse Management System ensures a structured and strategic goods receipt process by matching, checking, receiving and recording the goods.

  • Verification of the delivered goods with the delivery bill
  • Reconciliation of delivered quantities and articles
  • Collection of NVE / SSCC via GS1 Label
  • Recording of batches / serial numbers / MHD
  • Quality assurance
  • Returns Handling
  • Separation into containers suitable for order picking
  • Feedback to the ERP system
  • Storage or staging for retrieval (cross dock)
Effektive Direktauslagerung in der Intralogistik durch proLogistik

Direct outsourcing

Process: Direct removal from storage Station 2

In order to process large quantities of individual orders from the B2C business optimally and in a time-saving manner, the Intralogistics Warehouse Management System skips the classic picking and packing process if necessary. The goods are requested via an interface from a store system directly in the outgoing goods department, separated there, registered with the CEP service provider via the warehouse management system, provided with a shipping label incl. a shipping note. tracking number from the Warehouse Management System of pL-Store.

  • 2-stage picking for large quantities for orders from online stores
  • Removal from storage of full pallets; separation in the goods issue area
  • Registration with the CEP service providers
  • Award with tracking labels
  • Feedback to WWS / ERP / Shop systems (“shipping label created”)
  • Provision in outgoing goods
ProLogistik bietet verbessertes Arbeiten bei der Einlagerung von Regalen

Shelf storage

Operation: Value Added Service Station 2

The Warehouse Management System from pl-Store ensures optimal use of storage space. Taking into account dimension, weight and A, B, C items, the Warehouse Management System automatically defines the perfect storage location.

  • Storage
    • of the goods from the goods receipt
    • according to ABC rules
    • optimized for FIFO / FEFO retrievals
    • through the automatic search for free places
    • Demand-driven to picking and reserve areas
  • Capacity management
  • Space optimization
  • Special rules for storage in narrow aisle areas; avoidance of too many aisle changes and load distribution for retrieval.
  • Storage bin labeling
  • Check digit procedure
Optimierung der Kommissionierung

Value Added Services

Operation: Value Added Service Station 3

In the logistic production, with the help of the Warehouse Management System, individual articles are assembled into a set, packed in the sales carton and stored on pallets. This allows them to be shipped as quickly as possible when ordered, to retailers or directly to the end customer.

  • Set picking
  • Packing in sales cartons
  • Compilation of several articles as one packaging unit
  • Logistic manufacturing
  • Demand-driven picking and replenishment control
  • Registration with the CEP service providers
  • Feedback to ERP/WWS / Shop systems (“shipping label created”)
Integration des automatischen Kleinteilelager in den Workflow

Automated small parts warehouse (AKL): Goods receipt

Automatic small parts warehouse

In the goods receiving area of the automated small parts warehouse (AKL), the goods are measured, weighed and entered into the Warehouse Management System of pL-Store. Then the goods are distributed into containers. The Intralogistics Warehouse Management System automatically determines the optimal quantity per storage container through an efficient filling quantity calculation based on weight and dimension.

  • Exact filling quantity calculation of the individual containers
  • Size and weight control
  • Demand management based on the active orders
  • Preplanning of the storage

Incorrectly packed containers or overhanging goods are immediately rejected by the Warehouse Management System and go directly back to the employee for correction. Thanks to the Warehouse Management System, the replenishment demand is automatically organized so that the storage area of the Automated Small Parts Warehouse can be optimally utilized.

Automatic small parts warehouse

Manufacturer: KNAPP
Model: OSR™ Shuttle EVO 3 deep
Storage technology: 2 aisles, 26 modules, 20 levels, 24,720 storage spaces
Load carrier: plastic container 60x40x32cm and trays, maximum weight 45 Kg
Conveyor technology: 30 shuttles, 2 lift systems, approx. 500m continuous conveyors, 2 conveyor technology loops, 2 AGV open shuttles
Goods receipt: 2 goods receipt stations, weight control and error ramp
Picking: goods-to-person, 5 manual picking stations Pick-it-Easy Shop Light
Sorter: Return to 12,360 storage locations, consolidated retrieval
Packing stations: 13 packing stations on the first floor connected via tote and carton conveyor technology.

Schnelle und automatisierte Kommissionierung im Kleinteillager

Automatic small parts warehouse picking

Process: Automatic small parts storage station 3

After receipt of the order, the transport of the items from the miniload via autonomous shuttles to the picking stations is initiated by pL WMS. In the sensible sequence calculated by the Warehouse Management System software, the picking stations, which are particularly ergonomic for the employee, are continuously supplied with goods using the goods-to-person principle. After the items are removed, the containers are automatically returned to the warehouse. This ensures an efficient and time-saving process.

  • Calculation of all pending orders
  • Pre-calculation of the requested goods related to the target containers
  • Multi Order Calculation. Serve as many orders as possible with one requested container
  • Direct picking into shipping cartons with filling quantity calculation for the optimal carton size possible (Pick & Pack)
Moderne Packstation für die Intralogistik - schnelle Kommissionierung und Auslieferung von Waren


Process: Automatic small parts storage station 4

The Warehouse Management System calculates the required size of the shipping carton through an automatic fill level calculation. This allows the employee to pick directly into the unit ready for shipment. This saves time and thus ensures an efficient process. The Intralogistics Warehouse Management System from proLogistik guides the employee through the work process, reports the order directly to the CEP service provider and creates the appropriate shipping label. This means that the goods can be dispatched as quickly as possible.

  • Packing station selection
  • Filling degree calculation
  • Picking into ready-to-ship unit (Pick&Pack)
  • Outgoing goods control
  • Value-Added Services (VAS Packing Station)
  • Registration with the CEP service providers
  • Ready for shipment with tracking number
  • Feedback to WWS / ERP / Shop systems (“shipping label created”)
Effiziente Kommissionierung und Warenausgang für schnelle Lieferungen

Picking & Outgoing Goods

Operation: Last stop for direct retrieval, value-added services and automated small parts warehouse

After receipt of the order, the picking of the items is initiated by pL-Store. The Warehouse Management System guides the employee through the picking process in a user-friendly manner. Based on the shipments known in the system, the Warehouse Management System determines the respective location at goods issue. This ensures optimal use of the goods issue area.

  • Picking
    • Way optimized
    • Tour sorted
    • Intuitive user guidance
    • One- or two-stage (multi-order)
  • Outgoing goods
    • Provision of goods sorted by tours, stop, truck
    • Removal from storage according to size / weight.
    • Derecognition from pL store
    • Feedback to WWS / ERP / Shop systems (“loading”).

What does intralogistics mean?

The German Engineering Federation describes intralogistics as the control, execution and organization of material flow within a warehouse operation. This includes the transport of goods within a warehouse or company premises.

The topic of intralogistics is often also described with terms such as, internal material flow or internal company logistics.

The term intralogistics was created in order to distinguish it from logistics and the transport of goods outside the company.

Intralogistics includes the following areas:

  • Goods Receipt (GR) and Goods Issue (GI)
  • Storage systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Picking software and sorting systems
  • Telematics, sensors and robotics
  • Software for the respective areas
  • Complete systems

An important feature in intralogistics is the interdisciplinary cooperation of suppliers from the various sectors.

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