What is warehouse management software and what can it do?

The most important questions when evaluating warehouse management software:

What is warehouse management software and what can it do?

How can I optimize my warehouse with warehouse management software?

Warehouse management software, or WMS (Warehouse Management System) for short, is the heart of every warehouse. Without a modern, functioning warehouse, you are no longer competitive today.

The proLogistik Group has developed an innovative, standardized and flexible warehouse management software for the warehouse, in which the complete internal material flow is mapped. All goods movements such as goods receipt, storage, stock transfer, stock removal, dispatch and stocktaking are carried out in the warehouse management software.

Why does every warehouse need modern warehouse management software today?

Warehouse management software makes intralogistics processes more efficient and flexible. Employees work more efficiently and the company is well prepared for current and future challenges, enabling it to react quickly to changes.

Why do companies need warehouse management software from the proLogistik Group?

The WMS is a flexibly configurable and intuitive warehouse software that provides self-employed people, SMEs and large companies with the most efficient way of centrally controlling manual and automated warehouse processes. With our WMS, you increase profitability, increase storage capacity and reduce the error rate.

What can the proLogistik Group’s warehouse management software do?

Compared to other solutions, the warehouse management software stands out positively in many respects.

All goods movements such as goods receipt, putaway, stock transfer, stock removal, dispatch and stocktaking are carried out in the WMS.

In addition, the warehouse management software controls highly complex supply chain management processes, such as yard management with automated goods receipt processing, monitoring, control, loading and dispatch control or the control of automated components and robots with innovative merchandise management software.

The system also enables man-to-goods and goods-to-man picking as well as regular stocktaking. The WMS is unique in that it allows you to choose between fully automated and manual processes and, if desired, to combine them. All processes are specified in real time.

We offer the opportunity to digitize our customers’ supply chains step by step, depending on the situation.

In contrast to competitor systems, our WMS has interfaces to a wide range of ERP systems (not just SAP). The warehouse management software also has a standard and an enterprise version and is therefore available for a wide range of sectors such as retail, wholesale, industry, healthcare and many more.

The Warehouse Logistics team also tested and validated our warehouse management software. More than 3,700 individual aspects were checked on the running system using a comprehensive list of questions. In addition to the wide range of functions and modern technology, “Warehouse Logistics” emphasized the unique advantages of our WMS compared to other warehouse management systems:

Master data handling: Extremely good logic, especially handling of conversion factors between piece/liter/KG, is unique.

Picking strategies: The structure and variety of picking strategies are extremely good.

Configurability of storage and retrieval strategies: The structure and logic and, in particular, the configurability provided for customers is unique.

New GUI: Tidy, clear design, appealing icons and active message display – very good, so we are “right at the forefront”!

The end-to-end online logic with permanent optimization right through to current orders is second to none.

The warehouse management software has proved its worth and we are delighted to have received the Fraunhofer seal of quality.

Quality seal Warehouse Logistics

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