What is a transportation management system?

The Transport Management System (TMS) HERMES is an app that deals with the planning, execution and optimization of physical goods movements. It is therefore a logistics platform with which users can control and optimize the daily operation of their transport fleets.

Why do I need a transportation management system?

Transportation management systems help companies move goods in (procurement) and goods out (shipping) with tools such as route planning and optimization, load building, operations management, freight auditing and payment, yard management, order visibility and carrier management. The primary goals of using a TMS are to improve transportation efficiency, reduce costs, improve real-time supply chain visibility and improve customer service.

In addition, route planning for truck drivers has changed significantly in recent years: Transportation as well as the storage, provision and dispatch of goods are now increasingly carried out with the help of the Internet.

Access to all orders at any time – with HERMES Tracking

With the HERMES transport management system app, you can centrally plan, control, track and analyze all orders and routes based on data. Thanks to real-time data transmission, order adjustments can be made quickly and flexibly.

The TMS app HERMES is used successfully in (wholesale) trade, industry, transportation and healthcare. HERMES is a transport management software solution with which you can track your shipment.

You can also view the status with time, processor and location at any time. Truck drivers or incoming goods employees have clear communication channels with the Smart Client, and order processing is also straightforward.

When loading and unloading your delivery, you have easy control thanks to scanning. The recipient can also sign on the Smart Client. With the HERMES Transport Management Software, you can flexibly adapt your routes at any time and thus optimize your routes.

The app is easy to use and can be installed on any iOS device. That’s why this solution is the perfect start for the step towards digitalization.

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