What are the tasks of a warehouse management?

What is the task of a well-functioning warehouse management system?

The tasks of a warehouse management is quickly and easily explained:

“The right stock in the right quantity at the right time in the right place!”

A well-functioning inventory management software has many useful features as well as informative KPIs so that you can plan your assortment by season, etc.

Other tasks of a warehouse management:

Electronic warehouse processes

  • Warehouse processes are mapped without documents.
  • Data is processed electronically from goods receipt to goods issue.
  • Sources of error are eliminated and warehouse data and movements are available in real time.

Online databases, worklist for maximum availability

  • LOGIS MOVE is connected to the ERP system via interface. Through the data exchange, goods receipts entered in LOGIS MOVE are directly matched with open purchase orders and the inventory is updated online.
  • Purchasing, sales and administration have up-to-date inventory data at their disposal at all times.

Warehouse organization

  • With LOGIS MOVE, warehousing can be organized chaotically. This means that only the space actually required is occupied by the items in stock.
  • During storage, LOGIS MOVE also takes into account the physical requirements of the storage location, such as the storage compartment height.
  • If required, the warehouse can be divided into different zones and storage areas so that LOGIS MOVE optimally allocates the items according to the stored strategies.

Efficiency increase and cost optimization

With the LOGIS MOVE warehouse management software, all process steps are specified and measured. This sustainably increases efficiency in warehouse management and significantly reduces costs. With the information available, the following goals can be achieved:

  • More efficient operation reduces personnel costs.
  • Familiarization times for new employees are significantly shortened.
  • Complaints and returns due to incorrect deliveries are eliminated.
  • Previously occurring errors are now traceable and can thus be eliminated.
  • The existing storage areas can be used optimally.

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