The weather risks and the influences on our storage processes

How do you deal with weather risk in retail?

Weather plays a big role in retail and has a huge impact on the consumer behavior of the clientele, as the following example shows:

Summer 2022: The heat wave has been over Europe for days. Everyone is sweating and only wants cool products like ice cream and beer.

But you were not prepared for the heat wave and now have too few cool items in stock.

What you can do to ensure that this never happens again: Optimize warehouse processes with modern warehouse management software! And of course, always keep an eye on the weather forecasts.

Minimize weather risk with smart warehouse management software

Functional highlights of the warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE:

  • In addition to batch and best-before date management, the incoming goods process checks a wide variety of inspection criteria, such as: Organic certificates, country of origin, delivery temperature, and much more.
  • System-generated warnings that inform employees as soon as the remaining life of a product is undercut, incl. the possibility of automated locking, which is enormously helpful.
  • Collection of several orders from the same suppliers: An excellent solution has been implemented for multiple purchase orders from the same suppliers, allowing simultaneous collection in the goods receipt.
  • LOGIS MOVE’s master data handling has a unique handling of conversion factors between pieces, liters and kilograms. Weight recording via electronically linked scales rounds off the range of services.
  • Sophisticated putaway strategy: more elaborate logic leads to better putaway proposals. Goods are stored as close as possible to the respective picking location.
  • Picking end time calculation: This important Key Performance Indicator calculates the expected picking end time incl. the current picking performance per warehouse area and the number of employees used. Inclusion of break times.
  • ABC/XYZ Classification of goods and warehouse: For chaotic storage bins, the LOGIS MOVE warehouse management software calculates an item qualification based on the goods turnover. For each storage bin, it is necessary to configure to which category the goods belong. Placement proposals are then executed according to these strategies.
  • Furthermore, LOGIS MOVE warehouse management software offers very detailed analytics and KPI capabilities for warehouse managers, supply chain managers or logistics decision makers. Down to the item level, the control station enables maximum transparency and traceability of the flow of goods.
  • Outgoing goods: To avoid labor-intensive compaction efforts, LOGIS MOVE offers pre-picking of small storage areas with system-guided mergers of the main picking area. Transparent views in the control station allow good monitoring and control of picking progress as well as loading and shipping control.
  • The warehouse management software allows the interaction of manual and conventional logistics processes in a unique way with fully automated equipment. For the control of automatic components, the WMS has standard interfaces to well-known automatic warehouse service providers.

Undoubtedly, we could continue the list, because the warehouse management software has many other plus points.

Could we convince you that you have an even better overview of the weather risk with intelligent warehouse management software?

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