Successful release change in the
Falk & Ross Logistics Center in Spain

Falk & Ross Group has successfully modernized the existing logistics center in Celrà, Spain. The key challenge in this complex project was to migrate to a current version of the pL-Store® warehouse management system, with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

Industry: Wholesale promotional textiles

About Falk & Ross

  • Foundation 1981
  • 4 distribution centers in Germany,Spain, Great Britain and Poland
  • 70,000 parking spaces
  • 30,000 B2B customers
  • 60.000 articles
  • Approx. one million orders processed per year
  • Delivery within 24 hours

Delivery quality in view

Falk & Ross Group is one of the leading wholesalers of promotional textiles such as T-shirts, jackets, bags, caps, scarves and gloves as well as workwear and sportswear. The company has successfully modernized its warehouse management solution pL-Store® with the aim of making order processing more efficient across the board and also taking account of new market requirements. In the long term, it has now been ensured that all customers in the domestic as well as neighboring markets are supplied safely and quickly with goods of the desired quality.

Software as a core element of a cross-site strategy

“Software for warehouse management and material flow control that is standardized across the board prevents system breaks, creates transparency and enables a reliable flow of information,” explains Tobias Brügmann, Head of Logistic-Systems at Falk & Ross Group. “However, the particular advantage of pL-Store® is also that a large number of relevant functions for mail order logistics are already included in the software as standard.” This also saves valuable time, because only the necessary, company-specific LVS modules need to be integrated.

Mapping complex processes and mastering them operationally.

Customized WMS Facts

  • Multi-level organized goods receipt – ABC classification
  • Multi-stage transport process
  • Requirement profile multiples pick processes
  • “Fast movers”
  • Returns Management
  • Optimized truck unloading
  • Armor to meet demand
  • Order-related preparation of picking trolleys designed by the WMS for multilingualism (en, de, es, pl)
  • Systematic consolidation of customer orders possible

“Order processing has been accelerated once again and further improved in terms of delivery quality, so that the goods reach the recipient even faster, as desired. This enables us to serve the more demanding customers from the B2B sector as well.”

Tobias Brügmann, Head of Logistic-Systems, Falk & Ross Group
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