pL-Store® – A perfect fit for all industries. Efficient and comprehensive software solution.

In intralogistics, WMS solutions impress with their quality and a range of functions perfectly tailored to specific requirements. Modern warehouse management systems (WMS), such as pL-Store®, offer sufficient flexibility to integrate new processes with which companies can react to market-related changes.

pL-Store®, the comprehensive software solution for warehouse management and material flow control, is suitable for every industry and directs all processes from goods receipt, forklift control and order picking through to goods issue in a clearly structured, efficient manner. The modular pL-Store® WMS also has a high degree of customization and is constantly being further developed to meet specific customer requirements.

The WMS solutions “Foodline” for the food industry and “Techline”, which covers the sanitary, building materials and technical wholesale sectors, have been developed from decades of experience and cooperation with well-known companies. The special thing about it is that, in addition to the standard modules that are generally relevant to logistics, the warehouse management software also already covers a large number of additional modules as standard, which are particularly important for these sectors and no longer need to be reprogrammed at great expense.

When introducing a WMS solution, it is advisable to carry out a precise survey of the current status at process and capacity level in advance. This is followed by a detailed requirements and potential analysis, the results of which in turn form the basis for drawing up the specifications. Those who rely on a development and implementation partner with many years of wide-ranging experience are also well advised. The latter should be able to adopt the customer’s perspective, understand their typical requirements and map these seamlessly in a suitable system solution. Open communication at eye level, trust in technological expertise and constructive cooperation are crucial to success – from the initial idea through to implementation and beyond with subsequent service and support.

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