M. Bach relies on solutions from the proLogistik Group

The wholesale company M. Bach GmbH, which specializes in building services, has replaced an existing warehouse management system at its central warehouse in Eschweiler with the industry solution pL-Store® Techline.

Sector: Wholesale company for sanitary, heating and installation supplies

About M. Bach GmbH

  • Foundation 1945
  • Head office Eschweiler
  • 150 employees
  • 25,000 items in the central warehouse
  • Total articles approx. 250,000
  • 20,000 compartments in the AKL
  • 6,500 pallet spaces

Reasons for the change

The reason for the warehouse management system change was the desire for increased performance and more flexibility in all functional areas. This was to be achieved on the basis of standardized software. The company also relied on the intralogistics system house proLogistik to select the necessary hardware for mobile data collection.

Advantages of the proLogistik Group software

The standard solution, specially developed for the building materials industry, has the advantages of an extremely wide range of articles as well as varying handling processes and variously designed storage locations. This saves time, as there is no need to program a large number of functions.

Customer-specific WMS facts

  • Connection AKL
  • Connection Heidler Strichcode GmbH
  • Narrow aisle warehouse
  • Special processes in incoming goods and in the external and store warehouse
  • Storage and handling of small parts
  • Smooth counter sales
  • Online inventory management incl. Barcode control Permanent inventory

Hardware Facts


  • Android MDE
  • Industrial PCs from the pro-V-pad series

“At the same time, we are now well equipped to map growing and new product ranges in conjunction with changing process requirements directly in the warehouse management software in the future.”

Udo Bach, CEO
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